And I’m back

The last few months have been inexcusable. I’ve been busy, stressed, and utterly horrible to myself and so, I’m back because I can’t take it anymore. I let allllllll of that be an excuse to back slide into nasty habits that have only aggravated my pain and illness and thus perpetuated the cycle. I’ve tried to get back on the wagon without blogging but honestly, I’ve not done well without it.

Writing about this journey has helped me, so I’m going to keep writing about it.

My last post was in Feb. I should bring y’all up to speed!


I won my company’s weight loss challenge! Not just won, I KILLED IT.

That means that I won a trip to San Francisco but I traded that with my second place buddy (who did AMAZING and won the fitness challenge outright) for a $750 gift card to

Which was fabulous!


During this time I also was searching for a house. This was the start of my undoing. It is immensely time consuming and stressful and in this market I was actually making offers on houses without seeing them because if you didn’t, you’d miss your chance completely. Even so, I won no bids but four and of those they all failed inspections miserably. It was expensive, painful, and quite frankly made me hate my life.

I gave up. Instead in November I’m moving into an AMAZING new apartment  that is going to be a little more expensive, a little farther out, but it is: huge, next door to my wonderful friend Sarah, has amazing amenities, and is in a safe and lovely part of town.


I also got myself a new bed because the bed I had since high school was just not doing well for my back. It is fabulous!

During this time I also began to suffer a lot of pain because I made poor choice, stopped working out, was sleeping poorly, and was doing all the things that I shouldn’t be doing that was hurting my fragile health.

So I began taking steps to breaking the cycle, like the new bed!

I got into physical therapy as it turns out one of my biggest back problems is a nice fat pinched nerve and hyper-mobile L3 and L4. At some point I re-injured my back and that cascaded. It’s improving immensely now!

I’ve got a reliable rheumatologist and he’s immensely helpful and very open to non-drug intervention. He’s supportive of holistic diet approaches, acupressure, massage, and other therapies to manage my pain and my deterioration and hopefully reverse it.

I got myself a kinect! and I loooooooooooove it! It’s so fun and helps me out with my yoga as it can help me correct postures. I also got the whole things for 99$, i think i profited from a broken relationship. I should feel bad about that but having been in the same position all i can think is haha you go girl. I’m so mean!

My juicer died. i might have had a hand in that, so I got myself a high powered personal blender. I take it as a sign that I need to switch to smoothies!

Anyway! It’s all about getting back on track– Healthy, whole foods, plant based deliciousness! I’ve been working on it but it’s time to hold myself accountable and use this as a way to help my mental and emotional health. I don’t like talking to people about it, i much prefer writing about it.

You’ll notice typos and such too and that happens. I’m not writing this for professional reasons, it’s a stream of consciousness. No revision, no sugar coating, no holding back. Occasionally I’ll post something more polished, but you’ll be able to tell those. Recipes and whatnot 🙂 buuuuuuuuuuut for the most part– prepare thyself for typos and silly grammar.

Also i’m now on myfitnesspal– agomez281. Join me!

I’m not here just to lose weight (though i could stand it) but to stop just existing and really get my life back. I felt SO GOOD eating right and so shitty eating poorly. Now that I’ve really seen and felt the difference, I cannot let myself go back to the ‘food like’ toxic products. It’s not worth it, I deserve better.

That’s really what this blog is about, reaffirming publicly and daily that I am worth it. I’m worth the cost, I’m worth the time and effort. I am worthy of being healthy and happy.

Believe it or not that’s a real struggle for me. When nothing in your body works, when you feel so damaged, it’s really hard to justify the investment.

But I have a lot of reasons to invest in myself. I have amazing people in my life, I deserve to be healthy enough to spend time with them.

I have an amazing family who loves me deeply, I have the power to alleviate their worry.

I have AWESOME CATS! They need me to have the energy to play and cuddle and love them.

I’m awesome! I’m funny, I’m caring, I’m smart, I’m even pretty! I deserve to take the best care, to have the best food, to heal my body!

I’m worth it. You’re worth it.

Stewart Smalley people, he knows what’s up!


My cat is judging me



photo (3)This is Meira. She’s almost three and she is judging me while I write this blog. Why? Because I’m using my lap for my computer and not for belly rubs. I’ll make this quick so that judgement doesn’t turn to homicide planning.

Today I ate my southwestern polenta casserole! Well one 1/4th of it! Which turns out to be a  big slice that weighs in at only 265 cals 😀 Delicious!!

If you order from greenling, try it!  I will def be getting it again!

Dinner has been another adventure. Today was about portobella fajitas on spelt tortillas from Engine Two

001 Ingredients! All chopped up and ready to go! This one was suuuuuuuuuuuper easy, it comprised of dumping the veggies in a skillet, let the onions, peppers and mushrooms sizzle, head up the tortillas and then scoop up it all in those tortillas, add salsa and peppers and some avocado and BOOM! done!

Bonus! Black beans as a side included! Ridiculously easy.

How about taste?

Well, all in all it was pretty nice! The salsa was mild so I made liberal use of those jalapenos. The big surprise was the spelt tortillas! They are delicious! This recipe came with four and it was meant to be a two serving meal but I ended up eating all the fajitas with two tortillas.    What will I do with the other two? Oh i’m going to find some use for them, they’re way too yummy to let go to waste.005

The drawbacks of this meal? It’s a bit moist! I think I might need to cook it down a bit more so they’re less juicy lol

It’s also lacking in spices but if you toss in a few mexi spices it’ll be good. I mean, it was good, but it could be better. Still, it turns out pretty!



Oh man, guys, it feels like spring and I’ve been eating like a maniac the past couple of days!

But first, you remember how i mentioned Rogue Republic doing a giveaway? well it ends tomorrow!

The special is as follows:

Active NOW through 9AM EST tomorrow:
25% off EVERYTHING in our store, including sample packs and the Valentine’s Day special. NO CODE needed; discount taken automatically at checkout.

EVERY order of any amount will also receive a free 3-pack of samples chosen at random (but we will be sure not to repeat pigments in your order).

We thank you.

25% off AND a free sample pack! I mean c’mon! Live a little!

Alright, now on to some product review:

Tanka Bars:003

Rating: 2/10

This is perhaps one of the worst things I’ve put in my mouth in months. I hate to be mean about it but OMG WTF.

It’s all natural and supposed to be free of all chemicals and whatnot but it tastes about as real as a Slim Jim…a sweet Slim Jim.

I bought it because I was intrigued by the combination of buffalo and cranberry. I thought, surely if someone thought that was a tasty enough combo to make  a series of bars with then it has to be good!


Want to experience it without the $3 price tag? Get a slim jim and some craisins.

Sorry guys. I didn’t finish it, I actually spit it out.

Now for happier fare!

Spinach mushroom enchilada casserole. Unf! 002I know this box doesn’t look absolutely fabulous but it is. Kale and beet salad (i’m working so hard to like kale), steamed veggies and spinach and mushroom enchiladas. There wasn’t much sauce involved here, it was more like corn tortillas, mushrooms, spinach and cheese. I will be replicating this for sure!

I’ve been really into cheese lately. It’s been my only dairy and actually until tonight it’s been my only animal product aside from two instances of sashimi this year. I’ve been really conscious about my animal product intake since going raw. I’m a little  surprised to say that I’ve become a vegan sympathizer.

I generally don’t like vegans and vegan philosophy for a couple of reasons:

1) I believe you can be an ethical omnivore. It takes work but it’s possible. Eggs and milk and fiber especially. Eggs might be the easiest as it’s very easy to even get a hen for yourself and she’ll lay any and everywhere. She’s a pet, a companion, and she produces breakfast while being adorable. Same with wool or milk, etc.

2) Too many people equate vegan diets (not the philosophy) with being uber healthy. Sad to say, this isn’t necessarily true. It is certainly VERY possible to be vegan and amazingly healthy, but inherently there are issues when going vegan and supplements are often required. B-12, for instance. But more to the point here’s a list of foods that are vegan and way unhealthy:

Tofu dogs. They’re maybe not just as bad as your Oscar Meyer frank but they’re close!

Potato chips!



Most commercial premade icings/frostings including the majority of the icing used in grocery stores. The ‘butter cream’ is actually “Better cream” and it’s a liquid that is made from veg oil (crisco) and is whipped until spreadable. I know because I used to have to make HUGE batches of the stuff.

Actually a lot of junk food is vegan because veg oil is cheaper than animal product oil.

Want a good list of aptly named Accidentally Vegan products? ask PETA!

See, you can be vegan and not be plant based. You can be a normal American and suffer from all the American health problems even if you switch that steak with seitan.

But still, I’ve become more sympathetic and have made the choice to be plant based, to have only the occasional ethically sourced animal product.

Greenling and Whole Foods provide that. Funny, I sent out several emails to restaurants I frequent about their animal sourcing. No one has gotten back to me…yet.


I got my boxes! Boxes? YES! They had to use two lol and they were filled with wonder and happiness



As you can see, my meal packs were bundled and portioned already and I started off by making the breakfast casserole I ordered.

Southwestern Polenta Casserole







The whole pan is about 1000 calories! That’s it! and that’s a 9×9 cake pan!

Its a very nice flavor, hearty but not heavy and it tastes southwestern without being spicy. Now I love spicy so I added in a little red pepper after but really, all together a very nice flavor! Can’t wait to eat more of it in the morning!

Ravenous as I’ve been, I’ve been sticking to things I’ve previously enjoyed lately. Thunderbird, kombucha, mean green and citrus sunrise juices, etc, so I’m really glad I’ll now get to try some recipes I’d otherwise have never gotten around to. Excited!019

But I haven’t just been eating! It’s been very warm here this week so I got the bug to do some planting. Fresh herbs are now in pots and will hopefully flourish as much as my catnip and mint has. I’ve had to transplant my mint four times now because it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. I’ve decided on a variety of herbs this year since last year I had difficulty with veg and fruits, but I’ve still got a couple for funsies.

So far I’ve got:


-Purple basil





-a beet. just one. lol






I’ll be adding more soon, I just have to find starts for some things since I’m rubbish with starting from seed. BUT i’ve plopped down a few chickpeas ;p we’ll see

I love growing things. There’s something peaceful about it, and something so nice about walking outside and smelling all the herbs and growing things. Sigh. I need a garden!

and suddenly: ALL THE ENERGY

I don’t know what my deal was today but I was hyperactive. Actually, I woke up this morning with a horrific headache due, I think, to the mold running rampant in the atmosphere. I slept with my windows open and I imagine that didn’t help at all.  But, I don’t know. I decided to take a nice walk down to Wal-greens. It’s a mile and a half away through the neighborhood and since it felt so lovely outside and all I figured it’d be worth it to get the paper. It was lovely, really, but my headache did not improve. In fact, it got much worse and I resorted to some aleve and a cold compress when I got home.

But once it subsided I was all energy. This is a 180 from yesterday where I didn’t even break 4000 steps. Capture2 But today…over 20k! It’s not my best (that’s 24k) but pretty close.

Whatevs, juice has that effect.

Speaking of juice!  Today I concocted what might be my ugliest juice yet! But it was mighty tasty! Capture3The berry beetaful! (oh puns!) I have the feeling it would be very pretty if not for the kale that really throws off the whole bright warm color pallet. But it tastes lovely and is nice and thick thanks to the strawberries. Love it!

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay juicy or if I’ll add in a dinner and juice breakfast and lunch. It’s important to remember than juice can be a meal. Seriously, I’ve made juices that are 700 calories and wonderful but if you think that’s a snack you’re nuts! Or a marathon runner (one day!).  We’ll see! It’s time to drop the strict rules and just kind of roll with what I want.

Want juice? Juice!

Want a salad? Chomp!

Want to cook up something delicious? Get sizzling!

One thing is for sure, I love this freaking energy!

Now on to stats, my measurements haven’t actually changed all that much since my last measurement update but they’re posted 🙂 My body fat has gone down though and my blood pressure is currently pretty awesome.


What hasn’t yet improved, and I hope does, is my allergies. Most of my allergies are skin related. I have very sensitive skin and it can be problem skin too. I’m going to be switching some products soon so we’ll see if there’s improvement there. For years I’ve used the following:

Mane n Tail shampoo

Aussie or Herbal Essence conditioner

Neutrogena Grapefruit Bodywash

St Ives Apricot scrub

And that’s it. I’ve always been really spotty with my lotions and such but I tend to use Aveeno sunscreen because…sun allergy. In the world of makeup I use neutrogena mineral powder and various eyeliners but my pigments are all Rogue Republic! (which you should like on Facebook!   for a freebie!)

Now, I’ve been looking at the things I use and realizing that they might be part of the problem. Of all of the things I currently use, I know only Rogue Republic to be 100% good for my skin.

It’s time I be better about what I use on the biggest organ of my body every day. I’m very very very very very tired of having hives and rashes and being generally uncomfortable in my own skin. If you’ve ever seen me have an allergic skin reaction you know just how miserable it is. So it’s time I invest in my skin as well as my food. It’s all a part of health and wellness.


JC140_XlI’ve started with Jason’s Tea Time anti-aging moisturizer. Because the other day I looked in the mirror and saw wrinkles. Well, fine lines. I’m 26, I don’t want lines! We’ll see how it goes, but I must be diligent about it. I mean, if you don’t use it you can’t expect it to work, can you?

If nothing else, I know that I will have FABULOUS pigments from Rogue Republic!

Have I mentioned how much I love them yet?

I think I might have.

Maybe. Hard to say.

I love them almost as much as I love Rox Chox! Okay, actually just as much!

Check them both out!


is it friday yet?

I woke up this morning not feeling very well. I think I’m just a bit under the weather from the whole change of…weather. I am exhausted though and ready for friday’s final food fest before a delicious juice fast.

8f6de9445eac6b45295557b057b159dbI know it’s really weird to think but I actually felt more satisfied in some ways juicing than I have certain days on just raw.

BUT I must say this whole experience has been a success if only for one thing. Kale.

Whole Foods does this summer kale salad and it is…so amazing. SO amazing! And I think I found a passable replica on pinterest! It’s a sweet, crisp and delicious salad and today, after many failed searches, the Whole Foods express had it!

When I arrived there was a knot of women debating over the salad case. To my horror there was only a little bit of that beautiful kale salad left. It wasn’t even noon yet! I wanted to push them all out of the way and yell KALE! GIVE ME ALL THE KALE!

Luckily they just decided on fresh fruit and left it all for me! So guess who ran off with all of it?? THIS GUY!


Meanwhile, this week I’ve been amazingly hungry and full at the same time. I blame hormones. Yeah, it’s about to be that time again. You know how it goes, ladies…

I really want some delicious juice now.




Oh temptation

My mind is my worst enemy sometimes, other times it’s the weather, and every so often they co-conspire to make me insane.

Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, you awful siren, you’ve been calling my name all damn day. Bitter cold and windy and dreary and all I can think about is your warm spicy crunch and the delight of animal protein.

Sigh. I combated this craving with avocado but rather unsuccessfully.

I don’t know why I had this sudden and intense craving when, until 2pm (waking at 5) I was quite satisfied with mean green and nanogreens and protein shake along with some sliced tomatoes and bell peppers. I blame the weather, stepping out from the office into a cold and disgusting day.

Pho and spicy chicken sandwiches, they are my response to awful weather. I’m unbelievably grumpy and fatigued and kind of hate this whole damn way of life.

I’ve never gone this long without some kind of meat. In fact, I’ve only had two instances of any animal product since this year began. VEGAN ugh.

Two more weeks til my next fast and I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s simpler.

Kerbey Lane's cinnamon


I’m also looking forward to pancakes. Ok, guys, I will need to have some muthafreaking pancakes, specifically Kerbey Lane’s cinnamon roll pancakes. They’ll be the featured pancake starting Jan 29th and I WILL NEED THEM.

Seriously. Right after the fast, that’s how I’m breaking it. Don’t worry, just one.

And some black beans and avocado.

Or a hippie burger…with mustard.

We’ll see! Right now the thought of being able to have something in time is only thing that is keeping me from driving to a Wendy’s right now and eating all the things!

I was really hoping that this sort of life change would make a bigger impact on my conditions, but so far the improvement has been moderate to low. I’m hoping that’s because I’m still adjusting and in time modifying my diet to be largely raw and very clean will help. I’m hoping that an 80/20 balance can be reached where 80% of the time I am eating to live and live healthy and only 20% am I indulging in things that are experiences not nutrition such as that pancake up there.

I just have to not be lazy. I’ve done very very very little prep lately and have just been noshing on veggies and the like by themselves. I’ve invested very little time in preparing things and making sure things are balanced and I’m getting all I need.

I need to try harder to not take short cuts.


rough day.

Oh mondays

Mondays are always hard. Whats harder yet is combating a craving for MEXICAN FOOD!


HALP HALP! I need raw food mexi recipies!

But what I did have today was a nice raw pesto stuffed mushroom from whole foods. It looked AWFUL and I took a picture but it really just looked like a dark green blob so you know…I’m going to post it:

photo (2)

Ugly right? Ugly food. Yeah that’s a nut cheese melt on it…apparently it was dehydrated a bit for warming. It was just quite delicious, I must say. Italian is strangely easy on raw food, but Mexican remains elusive.

Strangely, most Mexican is a delightful rehashing of several of the same ingredients but two are VERY important to tex-mex: Tortillas and cheese. Both of those are difficult but not impossible.

I do really miss warm foods though, especially in winter.

To be honest today I’ve felt a little queasy and I don’t know why. I have to say that in the past one of my largest plights was frequent nausea but this is different. Something just feels…off. Like I might be sick but not actively so. It’s hard to describe. Could it just be my previous nausea at a lower level? I’d hope.

I’m also not sure I’m getting enough protein. It’s not very very hard to get enough protein on a raw diet but it can be a bit tricky. Tomorrow morning I think I’ll start the day off with a raw protein shake. The gritty is hard but the flavor is good with almond milk so I can deal.

It’s strange but, I miss juice meals. It was simpler and I somehow felt more satisfied, perhaps because I was taking in SO much nutrients.

I should be better about juicing daily. I should I should.

How much broccoli can I eat?

A lot.  I’ve rediscovered how much I love broccoli. I mean, I’ve always liked it but the past few years haven’t really indulged in raw broccoli. Of course, now I am! I’ve dipped it, I’ve marinated it, I’ve juiced it! Delicious stuff, and really my favorite is the broccoli stems. They’re sweet and crunchy and juicy and tossing them is an absolute travesty!

Anyway, this was my dinner tonight:

From Raw on $10 a day (or less!)

From Raw on $10 a day (or less!)

Click it! Click that link! It’s delicious. Seriously. And I stuck my thermometer in the pan, stuck it in the oven and made sure it didn’t reach even 100F, still raw! But warm and the mushrooms were tender.

But I also did a bad bad thing. I went to whole foods. So I got a few sauces sure but of COURSE I couldn’t pass up some tarts.

Two, two little tarts. I’ve managed to only eat half of one. Delicious!

Guys, this is kind of an awesome experience and I have to tell you– I’m not hungry. In fact, I’m really full. Which is awesome.

I kind of want to challenge everyone to go raw for a week. Just a week. It’s not that hard, really. But it is expensive at the moment. Organic WHY YOU SO EXPENSIVE?

But seriously, raw on $10 a day…great resource yo.

Also, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, I love you.

Plus, seriously raw alfredo sauce is tastier, richer, thicker, and better for you than conventional. I don’t think I’ll ever make conventional again.

I just wish the hummus had turned out well. It’s edible but 1) it made WAY too much and 2) it’s ok with flax crackers but the texture is just off  and 3) that recipe was too much garlic, I think, and I didn’t even use as much as they called for.

Anyone feeling adventurous? Maybe you’ll like it better, I have a whole tub.


Juciy Details– Day Six

7:30 am and I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So much so that I totally forgot to weigh myself before grabbing my shopping bags and heading to the Whole Foods mothership down on 5th in Austin.

If you’ve never been to this mecca of natural grocers then you can’t really fathom just how big and amazing it is. Truly. This is a place with four restaurants and a bar inside, not to mention the juice and gelato bar. Each of their departments is the size of a small local grocery store and parking? 90% of it is under the store in a garage. I never even bother to look for parking on the surface lot but today I got there right as they opened and wouldn’t you know it? There was a spot in daylight! This is particularly nice since I don’t like escalators lol

But going here was hard, Whole Foods is an amazing place but they’re not just super healthy stuff. They’re all about WHOLE FOOD. That means breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert and no one, NO ONE does dessert like Whole Foods. The largest section of the store very well could be devoted to the Candy Island and the bakery department. Everything you could want is there and it was so very hard to avoid it totally.


get in mah belleh!

However, the Living Food section and restaurant looks promising! I stocked up on a lot of essentials and replenished my veggies and even found a local raw brie that I cant wait til Wednesday to sample! I also found some flax crackers and macadamia nut spread in case my homemade hummus doesn’t turn out. I’m very excited about the Go Raw Super cookies and Flax Snax I found. I picked up the pizza ones first and then I saw original cookies and was like meh let’s try them both. BUT THEN I saw Chai cookies and was like WHUU I MUST EAT YOU

and then…OH SNAP! Ginger snaps!!

I freaking love ginger snaps. 😐 Like…I’ll fight you for the last one.

So that’s how I ended up with four bags of snackums in my cart. I opened the pizza one to smell today and am really wondering why I don’t go around all day with one under my nose. It smells like pizza and that’s no lie. Will it taste like it? Well texture wise no, but if that scent is anything to go by it will have nailed the zesty sauce flavor, which is the most any nonpizza food can be asked to do.

I then stopped over at their juice bar and discovered two things:

1) wheat grass and me REALLY don’t get along. Rarely if ever can I take a shot of it and not end up curled up in a little nauseous ball, like I did today

2) the juice concoctions at my nearby Whole Foods are much tastier. Today I got the skin rejuvenator and it was…not rejuvenation.

So when I got home I whipped up a little something of my own and then opened my kombucha.

All in all I spent $160 there.

Sticker shock! But I remind myself that a good portion of that are bulk things like chickpeas, tahini, almonds, almond milk, spinach and the dozen cucumbers or so I bought. So overall, considering it was all organic and the packaged things were purposed as raw I think I did ok. Next shopping trip should be less.

And I remind myself of my rules: I WILL NOT LET FRUGALITY RUIN MY HEALTH.

I must also remind myself that I have a box from Greenling coming Wednesday with all the splendid goodness that didn’t cost me but 15$ because I got a $50 gift card 😀 So really I’ve spend 175$ for225$ of food. HA! and a lot of it will last, like I said: start up cost is high but maintenance should be ok.

So, how am I feeling today?

Well, not great, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s the wheat grass or the fact that I’m PMSing (ugh could I have timed this thing worse?) or both but I’m feeling pretty crappy. I’m grumpy. I’m annoyed. I’m sleepy and searching the paper for coupons has made me realize how much of my diet before was convenience food. There are coupons for EVERYTHING this week, snacks, ‘health food’ like special K bars, soups, Lean Cuisines, and all that rubbish Weight Watchers touts with their point system.

All of that stuff…I used to eat it all. I’d go to HEB and hand them all my coupons and ‘save’ 30 bucks. But at what cost, I wonder. It was cheap, fast, easy…but was it killing me? It’s hard to say yet. These last two days have had a bit of a depressed mood to them and it’s not even hunger or cravings. I’d like to chalk this all up to hormones but I’m constantly questioning myself.

I can’t let myself get discouraged, I can’t be too hard on myself. I should just relax today, do some yoga, do some laundry (fresh warm blankets and clothes always make me happy) and admire the raw tart I bought for myself that I’m going to tear into Wednesday! It’s meyer lemon. I thought about getting one of the chocolate ones  but I have Rox Chox for that 😀 Maybe next time I’ll get the vanilla coconut one but we’ll see.


I’m feeling a little better after finishing my green chia kombucha and talking to my memo on the phone (she broke her hip two weeks ago but is doing swimmingly in rehab!). I’ll have some nanogreens here in a bit. Also I’ve prepped for some chocolate chia pudding!

Here’s what I did:

1 oz Cacao Nibs

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1 cup vanilla almond milk

a dash of coconut flakes, unsweetened and raw of course

step one: combine nibs and coconut flakes in your food processor or blender  (i have a little ninja and that worked perfectly) and pulse until they’re sufficiently powdered. This happens really pretty quickly

step two: add almond milk, process a little more

step three: in a container of your choice pour the mixed almond milk and add chia seeds. Cover it and give it a good shake to make sure all the chia seeds are mixed in.

Step four: refrigerate overnight.

…So i got to step four. I’ll let you know how it turns out in the morning but by my calculations (using this hearty pudding will be about 330 calories.

Sounds like a good breakfast to break my fast on wednesday morning! of couuuuuuuuuurse I’m going to sample it tomorrow morning and since it’s a liquid and I’ve been encouraging myself to eat chia I won’t feel guilty about it.

Why’d I make it so far in advanced? I needed to smell chocolate. And sample the almond milk. I got a vanilla and an unflavored one. The verdict is that it’s delicious.

So I might update later tonight but if not rest assured I’m watching Doctor Who and cleaning up a bit 🙂

Nanogreens snack and mean green for dinner!

Juicy Details- Day Four

Today I dreamed of fried chicken and french fries.

Despite today being the easiest day of the fast so far, with some mean green this morning and chia and nano greens for lunch and Avocado’s number for dinner, I dreamt of fried chicken and fries while taking a nap this afternoon. But in my dream it didn’t taste as good and made me feel sick after. What is my subconscious telling me?

I’m not sure, but what I do know is today I had a lot of pep in my step. However, my throat and tongue are a little over the acids from fruits so I think I’m off pineapple and lemon for a bit. I’m not sure if my throat is from allergies/weather changes (oh cedar i hate you) or from the juicing but Nanogreens are less acidic than my mean green and I’ll be using carrots to sweeten things tomorrow if my throat is still a little tender.

I’ve noticed that my hunger has mostly gone away, which is cool. I’ve also noticed that I’m inexplicably thirsty. I don’t know why or where that’s coming from but I’m treating it the only way I know how: drinking water. It’s funny, when you’re drinking juices you actually need to also have a glass of water nearby, or I do. I liken this to soup. If you go to a restaurant and order soup you still order a tea or soda, just something to break up the flavors and clear you pallet.

I’ve had a few questions at work from people who know I’m doing this fast and the most common one is:

‘Ugh…is that green slime? You’re drinking that? ‘ To which I answer, no it’s fresh juice and it’s pretty delicious. Taste it. If they do the reaction is always the same: ‘Hmm, that’s not bad’ or even ‘Wow, that’s really good’.  For some reason people are more comfortable with the thought of me drinking bright non green juices, until I tell them each one has at least two or three veggies in it. The scariest for people has been beets. But again, they sip and rejoice.

Point being: don’t knock it til you try it and don’t be afraid to try it.

The second question I got and one that I’m sure a lot of people have been secretly wondering is: How is my digestive track handling everything?

Well, TMI coming–  or not…fact is, aside from having to tinkle quite a bit I haven’t had any other changes really. I’m regular, not clock work, but once a day constitutionals, and no stomach cramps or glassiness etc. I don’t even burp. No heartburn, no discomfort, nothing.

Now, would that be true for anyone who attempted this? Maybe not, maybe I’m lucky, but I’ve not had issues 🙂 Thanks for the concern guys!

Third question is: How are you feeling/ how is it going?

Answer? Pretty well. I feel great. Aside from being cold (which omg I am always cold in winter) and being a little sleepy, but no more than usual, I feel great. Pain hasn’t been an issue. I have noticed I’ve been a little tense now and then but I’ve not had pain from it. I’m not sure where that tension is coming from, but a little workout helps. Yoga also really helps.

On to other things!

Last night I ordered from for a Wednesday delivery! I’m super excited about this because it also meant I could send my friends a free local box for the new year.

Greenling basketSo this is my basket. I focused on fresh herbs and fruits I was having trouble finding at Whole Foods and of course that raw cheddar. SO excited about that cheddar. You…you have no idea. Since I had a $50 gift card I figured I should use it for a few staples as well and a couple things I’ve never tried before, namely those kale chips. I feel like I should have gotten more cashews since they seem so central to a lot of raw recipes but we’ll see how it plays out. I’d like to try and make the cashew sour cream I made once in a vegan cooking class I took last year with Misha. It wasn’t exactly sour cream but i think with a little fine tuning and some chives it’ll be a good dip for those kale chips!

I’m excited to use that spaghetti squash to make squash spaghetti! Or more specifically, make squash pad thai. Spicy time! It’s coming!

Can’t wait to marinate those mushrooms either!


As much as I love juice, I’m getting excited to eat out. The seventh is my last juice day and then the eight I’ll be having my first dinner out! We’ll be going for some sashimi! Japanese will probably be the easiest type of restaurant to eat out at with friends as I’ll have raw options readily available while everyone else can have whatever they want. No muss, no fuss.

I’m lucky that I live in Austin, though. We have a whole host of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and just about everywhere has at least one raw option. This city is also uncommonly accommodating with food restrictions. I’ve observed a kosher diet for years and have rarely had issues with finding something on a menu anywhere. Even when something isn’t on the menu they’re willing to customize.  It’s kind of awesome. So I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll be able to go out and socialize during this raw experiment. Two places has been suggested to me already:

Whole Foods, the flagship store, has a Living Foods section that specializes in prepared raw foods. This will be very handy because it’s also very close to my work so I can just stop by after work.

and Beets Cafe which specializes in a raw food menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner! The menus looks splendid and I can’t wait to have an ELT or a burger or a pizza or tacos! AHHHH I want it all!

You can bet there will be pictures!

Now, tonight will be dedicated to a nice hot bath Harry Potter!

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