Well, things have taken a turn

I was so excited. So very excited to have everything on the right path.

I come home Wednesday after a triumphant trip to whole foods (where everything is delicious and joyus) to find that someone had made a valiant attempt to break into my apartment.


They didn’t get in, and after a police report, a fight with my apartment complex, and the support of wonderful friends and neighbors I’ve got a new reinforced set of locks/deadbolt/plates and screws so long the guy warned me that the fire department would have a HELL of a time getting in, so don’t go burning the place down.

I said I’d do my best.

It’s been stressful, even though they didn’t succeed and ALL of my valuables and sensitive papers have been moved to a secure undisclosed location, it is still a violation of my privacy and has lead me to not be scared but to be angry, more angry than a swarm of Chinese hornets. I’m Texan and just because I don’t believe in cruelty to animals doesn’t mean I extend that same nonviolence to people. In fact, quite the opposite. What I’m most angry about is not the thought that they could have taken something of mine, or tried to attack me, but that might have impacted my cats.

And you are out of your G-d mind if you think I’d let that aggression stand.

I realized in the hours following I was capable of some sadistic acts, I relished in the thought that if I got my hands on someone I would make them beg for their mother before handing them to the police.

Restoring balance to the universe.

You have no idea how many times it played in my head.

I’d like to thank the Austin PD or being amazing and not writing off my concerns but being  open and honest and caring. They didn’t even bat an eyelash when I said, what i’m sure sounded very strange, that i was sitting in my apartment locked in, holding a hammer.

The dispatch officer just calmly said: good, that’s good, we’ll be there in just a minute.

I was, by the way, sitting on my wicker couch, next to my cats, twirling my hammer and thinking about what the hook end could do to a burglar’s eyeballs. Like I said, I was angry.


Doctors and dentists!

Thursday I had a nice dentist appointment for my routine cleaning and  checkup. It’s nice to have a clean bill of dental health. I haven’t always. In fact I’ve had the worst luck ever but all my amalgams are out and I’ve now just got a pretty set of porcelain and natural chompers that are enjoying the feeling after a cleaning. I cannot stress to people enough how awesome good dental health is. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH PEOPLE.

Friday, however, was my rheumatology check up and another round of blood draws. 7 vials. Let’s see what they show when they show.

However, we discussed my meds as they stand now and what is working and what is not. Basically not much in the way of medication is working. My ultram takes the edge off enough on my bad days for me to function but we’re both agreed the changes need to come from other regimens. I have been prescribed massage hahaha, which I mean he knows I already have a therapist and i LOVE her! But he’s told me I am to do them without excuse, i have the doctor’s permission to treat myself. He’s happy about my blood pressure which was 120/80 in the office, which is text book and fabulous! And really surprising considering that the previous two nights I had ZERO sleep. Even with people staying at my place and even sleeping somewhere else while I had a big burly Australian checking on my cats, I couldn’t sleep. I was really really mad.

I was so mad I actually caved a bit and had tacos from Taco C. HUGE mistake, my body regretted it almost immediately. I’m still a bit nauseated. I forsee watermelon for dinner, clean and refreshing.

Meanwhile– I’m in the market for a new gummy vitamin. Why gummy? pill vitamins make me vomit. I don’t know why but they always have. Gummy or chewable or what have you, i’m looking for one that is vegan and I mean actually vegan. I’d really like one that uses a carotene not palmitate for Vitamin A for starters.

I like having a multi despite having many whole foods with a wide range of nutrients and even things like my Nanogreens which has a great nutrient profile because it makes sure that there are no gaps daily. If I have excess of something that’s ok, my body will eliminate it, but on those days when I could use the boost, it’s there to help me along (we all have days when it’s just like…ugh, oreos, oreos are good).

My current gummy, however, is retinyl palmitate for Vitamin A, which can cause toxicity and is something I’d just like to avoid. You know the worst side effect of beta carotene? you turn orange. Whateve, I can deal with that a lot better than liver failure. Learn a bit more about Vitamin A here!

oh and here!

in fact, i would be totally ok with a daily multi that had NO vitamin A at all. I simply don’t need it in supplemental form and it’s one of the few vitamins that can actually cause issues without trying to OD on it. ( too much of anything is bad but you have to REALLY work at it–like intravenous use– to cause toxicity with most vitamins).


So if anyone has some suggestions I’m totally open to them!