Fish and purses

Today was my first day back on solid food! And I made it count!

I started my morning with a sensible breakfast of a banana and nanogreens!


Later I had my jicama and then for lunch I had wonderful raw falafel, shredded beets and pepper, and sauce and came home for some Rox Chox before my workout and sashimi dinner!


Which ok, dinner was pretty great. I had a sashimi sampler and side salad with lemon as dressing 🙂 Simple and tasty! I went out with some friends, including Misha who is trying to eat clean and get in control of her blood sugar. So naturally we both had a bunch of questions and some extras in tow.

That's the 'don't judge me' duckface

That’s the ‘don’t judge me’ duckface

For example, organic ketchup and stevia in the raw…big ole baggie full! Sure the bag of white powder might seem like she’s a drug dealer, but Misha is really a wholesome girl ;p

Point is, we’re doing what we’ve got to to maintain healthy life 🙂

Then I came home and started to enjoy Merry’s miracle tart until…well, it disappeared. Seriously this thing is AMAZING. I have to say it’s better than ‘conventional’ tarts for me. I generally don’t like crust, graham cracker is ok but this is amazing. She uses coconut and nuts to make a moist but firm and sweet balanced tart. Really, look them up! 330 cals for the whole things and I don’t feel even a little guilty about it.

So overall, first day 100% raw and solid was great! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and my greenling box!

My chickpeas have started sprouting, they have little white tails that are starting to jut out and I think by tomorrow they’ll be ready for hummusing! Can’t wait to have them with my flaxers

Also it’s cold and raining and I’m all girly but i strangely have no cravings! …except for another tart.

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