and suddenly: ALL THE ENERGY

I don’t know what my deal was today but I was hyperactive. Actually, I woke up this morning with a horrific headache due, I think, to the mold running rampant in the atmosphere. I slept with my windows open and I imagine that didn’t help at all.  But, I don’t know. I decided to take a nice walk down to Wal-greens. It’s a mile and a half away through the neighborhood and since it felt so lovely outside and all I figured it’d be worth it to get the paper. It was lovely, really, but my headache did not improve. In fact, it got much worse and I resorted to some aleve and a cold compress when I got home.

But once it subsided I was all energy. This is a 180 from yesterday where I didn’t even break 4000 steps. Capture2 But today…over 20k! It’s not my best (that’s 24k) but pretty close.

Whatevs, juice has that effect.

Speaking of juice!  Today I concocted what might be my ugliest juice yet! But it was mighty tasty! Capture3The berry beetaful! (oh puns!) I have the feeling it would be very pretty if not for the kale that really throws off the whole bright warm color pallet. But it tastes lovely and is nice and thick thanks to the strawberries. Love it!

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay juicy or if I’ll add in a dinner and juice breakfast and lunch. It’s important to remember than juice can be a meal. Seriously, I’ve made juices that are 700 calories and wonderful but if you think that’s a snack you’re nuts! Or a marathon runner (one day!).  We’ll see! It’s time to drop the strict rules and just kind of roll with what I want.

Want juice? Juice!

Want a salad? Chomp!

Want to cook up something delicious? Get sizzling!

One thing is for sure, I love this freaking energy!

Now on to stats, my measurements haven’t actually changed all that much since my last measurement update but they’re posted 🙂 My body fat has gone down though and my blood pressure is currently pretty awesome.


What hasn’t yet improved, and I hope does, is my allergies. Most of my allergies are skin related. I have very sensitive skin and it can be problem skin too. I’m going to be switching some products soon so we’ll see if there’s improvement there. For years I’ve used the following:

Mane n Tail shampoo

Aussie or Herbal Essence conditioner

Neutrogena Grapefruit Bodywash

St Ives Apricot scrub

And that’s it. I’ve always been really spotty with my lotions and such but I tend to use Aveeno sunscreen because…sun allergy. In the world of makeup I use neutrogena mineral powder and various eyeliners but my pigments are all Rogue Republic! (which you should like on Facebook!   for a freebie!)

Now, I’ve been looking at the things I use and realizing that they might be part of the problem. Of all of the things I currently use, I know only Rogue Republic to be 100% good for my skin.

It’s time I be better about what I use on the biggest organ of my body every day. I’m very very very very very tired of having hives and rashes and being generally uncomfortable in my own skin. If you’ve ever seen me have an allergic skin reaction you know just how miserable it is. So it’s time I invest in my skin as well as my food. It’s all a part of health and wellness.


JC140_XlI’ve started with Jason’s Tea Time anti-aging moisturizer. Because the other day I looked in the mirror and saw wrinkles. Well, fine lines. I’m 26, I don’t want lines! We’ll see how it goes, but I must be diligent about it. I mean, if you don’t use it you can’t expect it to work, can you?

If nothing else, I know that I will have FABULOUS pigments from Rogue Republic!

Have I mentioned how much I love them yet?

I think I might have.

Maybe. Hard to say.

I love them almost as much as I love Rox Chox! Okay, actually just as much!

Check them both out!



Clementine oh clementine


Oh but where have I been this weekend? Eating my weight in clementines, that’s where. Look at it! Look at the pretty little citrus! I’ve eaten about 30 this weekend. Why? Because they’re delicious. Juicy and sweet and tart and perfect little snacks… ugh. Get in my belly!!

Anyway, this weekend has been a lot of house work. I’ve been feeling a bit icky lately and I blame the weather so the only way I could get myself to move and do anything was to clean and do some food prep.

I’ve been all about cutting, slicing and dicing and all that good stuff for my last whole week raw. I’m going to have my last solid food day be Friday since my friend Elizabeth has promised to try Beet’s cafe and Friday is payday.

From there? Juice mania!

I’m aiming for three days but we’ll see how I feel, I might go more 🙂

And then, DUN DUN DUN! We begin the clean!

But this week I think I’ll be partially juicy…in part because I sort of…kind of…juiced all my grapefruits. SO 😀

I also found out that coconut doesn’t juice well. BUT if you blend it up, drizzle a bit of honey, and toss in some chia seeds you can make a nice pudding! NOM!


Today I’ve eaten all the things! In the past few days I’ve actually gained a bit of weight, but that could just be hormones. I’m not worried about it and had a nice off day today which of course lead to me not even getting this tart in the fridge before it was in my belly. Didn’t even bother to cut it up into portions, just bit right down in it. Delicious!

And then…Rox Chox.

And 5 clementines.

All before noon.

I like food.

Viva la Rawvolution!

Wow, 20 days without the following:





Various grains





Artificial coloring

Artificial flavoring


White sugar

a microwave

That is momentous.

I’m two steps from being vegan and that has been literally three instances in the past 20 days: saag paneer (see when I caved), sashimi dinner, and my raw cheddar made from local whole unpasteurized milk.

Crazy, right?

What I have eaten in abundance?

Chocolate!! Wow chocolate!

Aside from the most wonderous Rox Chox I’ve also had my own cacoa nibs for munching and blending in almond milk and the super food clusters from Beet’s cafe that are amazing!

I’ve had so many desserts, Merry’s tarts, super cookies, raw macaroons and fruit all kinds of fruit!

I have never eaten so many nuts and seeds in my life combined as I have this past 20 days.

Flax, chia, almonds, cashews, macadamia, brazil, hazel, pine and more! Delicious guys, delicious.

It’s kind of awesome.

Now, I know this isn’t for everyone but I’d like to challenge everyone to have one raw day, or even maybe a weekend and try it. See how it is.

Now I have to warn you, if you’ve been on the conventional American/Western diet you might experience some discomfort at first. I didn’t. I don’t know if that’s because I started with a juice fast but I’ve seen some people struggle to suddenly digest that much fiber and plant matter at once.

So Challenge! maybe a juice fast day, maybe a raw day, maybe a weekend, try it.

Here’s how easy a raw day can be:

Breakfast: Fruits! either all chopped up or maybe just whole one at a time. A banana, orange, apple, whatevs, as much as you’d like

morning snack: try flax snax or super cookies or chopped veggies like cucumber or carrot or Go Raw’s products are available in even HEB and ship easily

Lunch: big salad! spinach and tomatoes with onions and cucumbers and whatever your little heart desires. Dressing? oil and vinegar, maybe balsamic? or I like to use stone ground mustard and apple cider vinegar, or you can even use avocado as a creamy dressing and if you’re super cool, toss on some chia seeds

dinner? Easy peasy go for some sashimi or if you want to stay vegan whip up some raw alfredo (it’s ridiculously easy) and zucchini noodles or use sea tangle kelp noodles

dessert? Uh…ROX CHOX  ;p But if you’re not feeling chocolate and don’t have access to Merry’s tarts try any of the dessert recipes from Rawmazing

or, great idea– get out your blender or food processor, get some almonds, some dates, a little honey, dried coconut flakes, and blend it all, then take that and roll out little balls in cacoa powder. BOOM delicious.

See? Ridiculously easy. Not a whole lot of prep, that alfredo? The longest part of it is soaking the cashews if you so choose. You don’t actually have to but it makes it smoother. Super easy.

Yeah sure you can complicate things with your dehydrator and sprouting and all that but you don’t have to.  And I bet if you look locally you can find a raw restaurant or a grocery/farmer’s market that has prepped raw products. My friend James even sent me a txt today that there’s now a raw restaurant in Denton, Texas. DENTON!

viva la Rawvolution!

Chocolate and makeup

It was a gloomy day today. It’s been unseasonably warm the past two days, which I love, but it’s been accompanied by dense clouds and dreary damp days. I took the opportunity to clean house but that least to a lot of nibbling through the day including on some raw cheddar, which is fabulous! It’s very sharp and quite nice for nibbles. 002I think it’ll last me a while because of that, and because I’d like to limit my dairy and animal intake for a while. I don’t really miss either to be honest. That’s odd because previously I have LOVED meat and cheese and poultry and all that, but lately I’ve not really wanted it. It’s weird. I don’t want grains either, except the occasional desire for some quinoa.

I tell you what though, I think I’m done with dairy milk for cereal and cooking and the like. To be honest, almond milk tastes awesome and with added vanilla it’ll be great with things like grapenuts (I’ve always liked grapenuts. I don’t know why, I know only like 90 y/o women like grapenuts but there you are). 011

I’m also really amazed that I haven’t wanted eggs lately either. I haven’t even thought about them. That’s weird to me. I used to eat eggs day and night but right now I’m a bit repulsed by them. Weird.

But what I did enjoy today was the most wonderful kelp noodles and raw alfredo with a bit of pepper and added basil. Seriously, delicious. The texture of kelp noodles is weird though. You cannot expect it to be like pasta. It’s much more like very very firm bean sprouts, they snap when you bite them. But the best part of them is they’re SUPER low cal (like the whole bag is 18 cals and thats 3 servings) but they’re loaded with minerals. Kelp is pretty cool like that. They might become a staple for me since they’re so versatile. When I make clean pho, I will def be using these.

Anyway, something that is AMAZING came in the mail. I ordered a case of my favorite Rox Chox in the square size and awww Rochelle and River are so sweet, they threw in an extra bar!008I really love supporting small business and this is exactly why. Every receipt I’ve gotten has included a handwritten thanks and a goodie, and I know that’s a small thing but in this age of faceless customer service it’s so AWESOME to know that a real human fulfilled a request I made.

So now I’m set up on chocolate for a bit, which is good because I was almost out! >.<

PS gals, speaking of small business with awesome service, if y’all are looking for vegan, natural, makeup in awesome pigments you should check out Rogue Republic Cosmetics by my friend Allison. I love her products and have been using them since she began testing. They are awesome! And you cannot go wrong with getting a sample pack while they build up inventory and opens the store up.  The majority of my makeup is now RRC and I love every bit of it!

Yay entrepreneurship!


How much broccoli can I eat?

A lot.  I’ve rediscovered how much I love broccoli. I mean, I’ve always liked it but the past few years haven’t really indulged in raw broccoli. Of course, now I am! I’ve dipped it, I’ve marinated it, I’ve juiced it! Delicious stuff, and really my favorite is the broccoli stems. They’re sweet and crunchy and juicy and tossing them is an absolute travesty!

Anyway, this was my dinner tonight:

From Raw on $10 a day (or less!)

From Raw on $10 a day (or less!)

Click it! Click that link! It’s delicious. Seriously. And I stuck my thermometer in the pan, stuck it in the oven and made sure it didn’t reach even 100F, still raw! But warm and the mushrooms were tender.

But I also did a bad bad thing. I went to whole foods. So I got a few sauces sure but of COURSE I couldn’t pass up some tarts.

Two, two little tarts. I’ve managed to only eat half of one. Delicious!

Guys, this is kind of an awesome experience and I have to tell you– I’m not hungry. In fact, I’m really full. Which is awesome.

I kind of want to challenge everyone to go raw for a week. Just a week. It’s not that hard, really. But it is expensive at the moment. Organic WHY YOU SO EXPENSIVE?

But seriously, raw on $10 a day…great resource yo.

Also, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, I love you.

Plus, seriously raw alfredo sauce is tastier, richer, thicker, and better for you than conventional. I don’t think I’ll ever make conventional again.

I just wish the hummus had turned out well. It’s edible but 1) it made WAY too much and 2) it’s ok with flax crackers but the texture is just off  and 3) that recipe was too much garlic, I think, and I didn’t even use as much as they called for.

Anyone feeling adventurous? Maybe you’ll like it better, I have a whole tub.


Fish and purses

Today was my first day back on solid food! And I made it count!

I started my morning with a sensible breakfast of a banana and nanogreens!


Later I had my jicama and then for lunch I had wonderful raw falafel, shredded beets and pepper, and sauce and came home for some Rox Chox before my workout and sashimi dinner!


Which ok, dinner was pretty great. I had a sashimi sampler and side salad with lemon as dressing 🙂 Simple and tasty! I went out with some friends, including Misha who is trying to eat clean and get in control of her blood sugar. So naturally we both had a bunch of questions and some extras in tow.

That's the 'don't judge me' duckface

That’s the ‘don’t judge me’ duckface

For example, organic ketchup and stevia in the raw…big ole baggie full! Sure the bag of white powder might seem like she’s a drug dealer, but Misha is really a wholesome girl ;p

Point is, we’re doing what we’ve got to to maintain healthy life 🙂

Then I came home and started to enjoy Merry’s miracle tart until…well, it disappeared. Seriously this thing is AMAZING. I have to say it’s better than ‘conventional’ tarts for me. I generally don’t like crust, graham cracker is ok but this is amazing. She uses coconut and nuts to make a moist but firm and sweet balanced tart. Really, look them up! 330 cals for the whole things and I don’t feel even a little guilty about it.

So overall, first day 100% raw and solid was great! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and my greenling box!

My chickpeas have started sprouting, they have little white tails that are starting to jut out and I think by tomorrow they’ll be ready for hummusing! Can’t wait to have them with my flaxers

Also it’s cold and raining and I’m all girly but i strangely have no cravings! …except for another tart.

091 092

Juciy Details– Day Six

7:30 am and I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So much so that I totally forgot to weigh myself before grabbing my shopping bags and heading to the Whole Foods mothership down on 5th in Austin.

If you’ve never been to this mecca of natural grocers then you can’t really fathom just how big and amazing it is. Truly. This is a place with four restaurants and a bar inside, not to mention the juice and gelato bar. Each of their departments is the size of a small local grocery store and parking? 90% of it is under the store in a garage. I never even bother to look for parking on the surface lot but today I got there right as they opened and wouldn’t you know it? There was a spot in daylight! This is particularly nice since I don’t like escalators lol

But going here was hard, Whole Foods is an amazing place but they’re not just super healthy stuff. They’re all about WHOLE FOOD. That means breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert and no one, NO ONE does dessert like Whole Foods. The largest section of the store very well could be devoted to the Candy Island and the bakery department. Everything you could want is there and it was so very hard to avoid it totally.


get in mah belleh!

However, the Living Food section and restaurant looks promising! I stocked up on a lot of essentials and replenished my veggies and even found a local raw brie that I cant wait til Wednesday to sample! I also found some flax crackers and macadamia nut spread in case my homemade hummus doesn’t turn out. I’m very excited about the Go Raw Super cookies and Flax Snax I found. I picked up the pizza ones first and then I saw original cookies and was like meh let’s try them both. BUT THEN I saw Chai cookies and was like WHUU I MUST EAT YOU

and then…OH SNAP! Ginger snaps!!

I freaking love ginger snaps. 😐 Like…I’ll fight you for the last one.

So that’s how I ended up with four bags of snackums in my cart. I opened the pizza one to smell today and am really wondering why I don’t go around all day with one under my nose. It smells like pizza and that’s no lie. Will it taste like it? Well texture wise no, but if that scent is anything to go by it will have nailed the zesty sauce flavor, which is the most any nonpizza food can be asked to do.

I then stopped over at their juice bar and discovered two things:

1) wheat grass and me REALLY don’t get along. Rarely if ever can I take a shot of it and not end up curled up in a little nauseous ball, like I did today

2) the juice concoctions at my nearby Whole Foods are much tastier. Today I got the skin rejuvenator and it was…not rejuvenation.

So when I got home I whipped up a little something of my own and then opened my kombucha.

All in all I spent $160 there.

Sticker shock! But I remind myself that a good portion of that are bulk things like chickpeas, tahini, almonds, almond milk, spinach and the dozen cucumbers or so I bought. So overall, considering it was all organic and the packaged things were purposed as raw I think I did ok. Next shopping trip should be less.

And I remind myself of my rules: I WILL NOT LET FRUGALITY RUIN MY HEALTH.

I must also remind myself that I have a box from Greenling coming Wednesday with all the splendid goodness that didn’t cost me but 15$ because I got a $50 gift card 😀 So really I’ve spend 175$ for225$ of food. HA! and a lot of it will last, like I said: start up cost is high but maintenance should be ok.

So, how am I feeling today?

Well, not great, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s the wheat grass or the fact that I’m PMSing (ugh could I have timed this thing worse?) or both but I’m feeling pretty crappy. I’m grumpy. I’m annoyed. I’m sleepy and searching the paper for coupons has made me realize how much of my diet before was convenience food. There are coupons for EVERYTHING this week, snacks, ‘health food’ like special K bars, soups, Lean Cuisines, and all that rubbish Weight Watchers touts with their point system.

All of that stuff…I used to eat it all. I’d go to HEB and hand them all my coupons and ‘save’ 30 bucks. But at what cost, I wonder. It was cheap, fast, easy…but was it killing me? It’s hard to say yet. These last two days have had a bit of a depressed mood to them and it’s not even hunger or cravings. I’d like to chalk this all up to hormones but I’m constantly questioning myself.

I can’t let myself get discouraged, I can’t be too hard on myself. I should just relax today, do some yoga, do some laundry (fresh warm blankets and clothes always make me happy) and admire the raw tart I bought for myself that I’m going to tear into Wednesday! It’s meyer lemon. I thought about getting one of the chocolate ones  but I have Rox Chox for that 😀 Maybe next time I’ll get the vanilla coconut one but we’ll see.


I’m feeling a little better after finishing my green chia kombucha and talking to my memo on the phone (she broke her hip two weeks ago but is doing swimmingly in rehab!). I’ll have some nanogreens here in a bit. Also I’ve prepped for some chocolate chia pudding!

Here’s what I did:

1 oz Cacao Nibs

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1 cup vanilla almond milk

a dash of coconut flakes, unsweetened and raw of course

step one: combine nibs and coconut flakes in your food processor or blender  (i have a little ninja and that worked perfectly) and pulse until they’re sufficiently powdered. This happens really pretty quickly

step two: add almond milk, process a little more

step three: in a container of your choice pour the mixed almond milk and add chia seeds. Cover it and give it a good shake to make sure all the chia seeds are mixed in.

Step four: refrigerate overnight.

…So i got to step four. I’ll let you know how it turns out in the morning but by my calculations (using this hearty pudding will be about 330 calories.

Sounds like a good breakfast to break my fast on wednesday morning! of couuuuuuuuuurse I’m going to sample it tomorrow morning and since it’s a liquid and I’ve been encouraging myself to eat chia I won’t feel guilty about it.

Why’d I make it so far in advanced? I needed to smell chocolate. And sample the almond milk. I got a vanilla and an unflavored one. The verdict is that it’s delicious.

So I might update later tonight but if not rest assured I’m watching Doctor Who and cleaning up a bit 🙂

Nanogreens snack and mean green for dinner!

Juicy Details- Day Three

Today has been a day of temptation. It has also been a day of reaffirmation.

Good morning Beautiful: Guava, carrots, pineapple, kale, kiwi, pear, clementines, blueberries, strawberries, golden beets

Good morning Beautiful: Guava, carrots, pineapple, kale, kiwi, pear, clementines, blueberries, strawberries, golden beets

This morning I brewed up a little Good Morning Beautiful and set out to work! I think I like starting my day on fruit more. Pear, guava and apples produce a nice thick juice that’s almost smoothie like.

I was hardly hungry most of the day except for the smell of biscuits, and later fried chicken. The big test was the peanut marshmallow concoction left in the breakroom for the taking. Of course as I got tea they let me know just how wonderful yummy it was and for a split second I wanted to just grab the bowl and eat it all. Then I looked at it closely and realized it was just sugar and low grade nuts. I will make a better one after this week is up.

I’m more and more excited about getting to my raw recipes! And even more excited about raw grocery shopping. Why? AH! I have some really awesome friends.

Remember I told you about Misha and Tim going clean? She’s going to blog about it! I’ll link y’all when she’s all set up. It’ll be really interesting to see how things change for her, how she feels and how her blood sugar reacts from eating clean.

And of course how awesome was this! Today she texts me about getting groceries delivered from  and then what do you know? My friend Ryan runs over maybe 3 minutes later with a $50 groupon to Greenling as a birthday present! It’s like it was meant to be.

Which, guys that website is pretty crazy awesome. I’m very very excited to order me some raw cheddar! I really really miss cheese.

I miss fats. I have to tell you, I’ve never been one of those ‘low fat’ people, but I’ve also never been a butter fiend. I’ve always just kind of walked a moderate line with that. I don’t eat a lot of nuts, but I eat a great amount of cheese. I would drink skim milk but snacks labeled ‘reduced fat’ never appealed to me.

But right now I want nuts. I want nuts really badly. Yesterday’s avocado was delicious and it did the trick so tonight I’ll be adding it to my mean green for sure.  I think this is a good thing. I’m missing the taste and texture of cheese but for the first time in ever I’m craving nuts. Cashews sound wondrous, and I’ve never liked them before.

Rox Chox

Look at that chocolaty beauty

I had one other temptation today and it came in the mail: my Rox Chox box came in. Now my friend and former co-worker Sara put me onto them (it helps that they’re family!) and I’m now committed to spreading the word about them. Rox Chox is raw, nut free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, sugar free, diabetic friendly and more! How do they do it? Simple! Raw chocolate, coconut and birch form the base. Now i’ve had Rox Chox before and loved it, so when I committed myself to going raw I knew I was going to need a stock to keep me from slipping. We all know girls LOVE their chocolate and I am no exception. Now I must tell you, the texture is not what we’ve become accustomed to eating Hersey. It’s…crunchy. Now it melts in your mouth and it’s wonderful but there are coconut flakes and a little salt and the birch itself which all becomes a unique texture. It’s worth a try, really, and soon they’ll be coming out with two new flavors to order online: Ginger and Dibs on Nibs (which I believe will be coconut and salt free).

I believe today to be the shifting point. From here out my energy should be higher, my cravings should ease, and I’ve hit the wall for just how hungry I can get. Today I actually had a lot more energy and pep than Wednesday so I’m feeling good about it. Luckily tomorrow is Friday so I’ll have two days at home to be free of temptation. I plan on making a run to whole foods and treating myself to some wheatgrass and a juice without the cleanup! That is honestly my biggest trouble with this juice fast– the cleaning.

As far as the price of it, I’ve spent less money on food this week that I have in a very very long time and my juices have been BIG. A liter at a time and I’ve still got about half of the fruit and veggies I purchased at the start. Awesome, isn’t it?

Now I have to confess, since I said I’d be honest and y’all can tell me if this is cheating or not:

So I got Rox Chox in the mail and they, sweetly, included a square. Now, not to make excuses but I am about to begin PMSing and…the scent. That rich chocolate scent!

I had half a square. I just popped it in my mouth and let it melt. Cacoa juice, that’s a juice right? RIGHT?

Ok so I feel a little guilty but I’ve told myself the rest is for after the fast. To prove it, I’m going to take the remaining half of the square and spread the word at work. I’ve already made Mindy drink several of my juices hahaha so she’s a prime target!


And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a chia lemonade waiting for me!

Did you get your Rox Chox yet? No? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Go! Go! Go!