Weirdly full

I’ve felt full since I woke up. I don’t know why. I’ve eaten despite total lack of hunger because things still taste good.

I might be coming down with something, my head has been throbbing today. I suppose I’ll find out in the morning. That’d be the cherry on the week wouldn’t it? The day I’m supposed to have my first nonraw thing. My one cheat meal in a month. Pancakes. I want you.

But if I do wake up ill I’ve decided that I won’t go into work and I’ll cancel all three of my plans and stay in bed with my juice and tea. 

Regardless, this weekend i’ll post up my last raw measurements and see what up.

I’m looking forward to chicken. Fifth element style



Breakfast tacos are Texan kryptonite

In today’s episode superfood girl is confronted with the most diabolical of all breakfast temptations!

BREAKFAST TACOS539428_10150693390817156_703440973_n


Look at their evil goodness, white flour, processed meats, lardy beans, cheese ALL THE CHEESE, chunks of fried taters, and eggs…oh you eggs slathered in oils and scrambled up!

Ugh, who am I kidding? They’re delicious.

They’re also a Texan breakfast staple. I don’t know why we love our omelets wrapped in tortillas as much as we do but by golly we do. Sigh. Seven dozen of those beauties were brought in from taco cabana (where that pic is from btw) for the office at large.

I did not cave.

But I was quite grumpy for the remainder of the day for another reason.

I didn’t sleep well last night. In fact I got only about 3 hours of sleep and spent the rest of the night trying in vain to get comfortable or drowsy. I don’t know why. I haven’t had any caffeine except for the occasional green tea cup (which i didn’t have yesterday), it was just one of those nights.

To add to that, I ventured the (much longer) walk to Whole Foods express in the hopes of finding a dinner for myself so I could take a run with a co-worker AND do trivia night with other co-workers and not starve (I work on the other side of the city from home). ALAS no love. I found a nice kale salad with an asian dressing and got a thunderbird bar but not enough to be dinner.

Those Thunderbird’s though? LOVE THEM!

But alas, that was one thing too many for me to not be all grumpy cat so I ventured home for a nap and a workout. Well the nap didn’t work out but the workout did! CaptureNot bad if I say so myself, but I’ve done better. Still though, pretty good.

My dad called and asked how it was all going and I told him pretty well, down almost 16lbs from my work weigh in, lost an inch all around, and my blood pressure is currently in a normal range.

Can’t argue with that.

He asked what was hardest. Giving up candy? I said nope, oddly, as much as I love candy, raw desserts are SO good and SO easy. I don’t miss any sweet. I do miss salty things though, pizza and such. BUT I don’t need these things. My cravings are not physiological, they’re all mental, social, emotional. For once I really understand the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger. I’ve been SO full since starting this, but have had many food lusts. Want and need…they are different.

My plan after being 100% raw is to be largely raw but all clean. Plant based, treating animal products as the exceptions not the rule. And believe me, there will be clean breakfast tacos. You can want what you need too ;p

Chick fil a and ninjas

This morning my company moved to their new building and to celebrate they brought in Chick Fil A for brunch.

I have to tell you, I LOVE Chick Fil A. LGBT issues aside (i know, i’m a traitor to my own people) they’re delicious. But they’re also awful for you.

And they’re far from raw.

I stayed strong, in part because of my raw chai protein shake and in part because I was too busy being neurotic Nancy about my new space. I don’t like change!  Trying to get situated and ninja proof my cube is difficult. It’s a very open floor plan and there’s no way I can prevent people from being able to surprise me. and there’s no where to put a mirror but I think I might have to make one…and shelves. Ugh, I hate ninjas. In a past life I think I was a mob boss that got shot at a restaurant when his back wasn’t against a wall. Seriously.

But all that upheaval meant today’s eating at work was not ideal. My nanogreens, broccoli and beet salad got eaten but not much else and that meant by the time I got home I was starving.

Answer? Guacamole! And flax snax for chips, which are delicious. Hindsight says I should have made it with some kale or spinach to make it more complete but hmmm maybe tomorrow

That combined with fruit and rox chox  puts me about 300 cals over my calorie goal for the day.

I’m ok with that. Why? Remember those rules of mine? Thou shalt not freak out about calories.

I could have worked out but when I got home and back into my own space all that stress of mine went away and I realized how exhausted it made me. A two hour nap later and I was like meh…off days are good for you now and then.

SO I painted my nails instead.

Good use of my afternoon if you ask me.



First off–Today I weighed in at my lowest weight in a LONG time!  BIG honesty coming!


So from day one til now this is where I stand so far. Not bad eh?

BUT from my work weigh in I am down a total of, drum roll plz:



bs. Yup. So I’m hoping for another 15 by March? That’d be cool. But more realistically, a total of 20-25 I think would make me a contender for my work competition.

Anyway! Today I had an awesome experience at Beet’s Cafe!

Picture avalanche is a coming! I went with my dear Misha, her husband and my friend Megan for some good gourmet raw delights and wow! It was really great. I’ll let the pictures do the talking now, although I TOTALLY forgot to get a shot of my own burger before chowing it hahaha I have no idea how I managed to do that, but it was delicious!


Spinach guacamole with corn chips

Spinach guacamole with corn chips

Nori rolls with mock tuna

Nori rolls with mock tuna

Tim's tacos with wild rice and sprouted beans.

Tim’s tacos with wild rice and sprouted beans.

Pizza rustica and ceaser salad

Pizza rustica and ceaser salad

Raw reuben, veggie chips and beets

Raw reuben, veggie chips and beets

Orange vanilla cheesecake

Orange vanilla cheesecake

chocolate cheesecake

chocolate cheesecake

super food chocolate cluster. Not photogenic but DELICIOUS

super food chocolate cluster. Not photogenic but DELICIOUS


I tasted everything! And it was all delicious. I decided on the tacos for takeaway for tomorrow’s lunch and they were quite helpful giving me a broken down takeaway box

some assembly required

some assembly required

So thanks Beets for an awesome lunch! Not a single thing was less than awesome.

Did I mention that aside from being raw, Beets is also vegan? You know what’s awesome about this place? My Meg is a real meat and potato kind of girl. She was a little wary of this place at first, opting for a salad before we talked her into a Ruben that she ended up enjoying quite a bit. But this was her and the cheese free cheesecake


I think she liked it.

( I had to nibble off Misha’s slice, Meg’s was spoken for ;p)

Beets, you’re my new favorite spot!


The day I caved

photo (3)It’s blurry…but yes, that is saag paneer. But that is also marinated shredded veggies and cabbage crunch (which was awesome)

Yeah, so I caved. Clearly that saag is not raw. BUT it is from Whole Foods, and is clean. At least there’s that. The temptation was too great and I needed protein like nothing else. I was angry, fatigued, and downright…unhappy. But since then I’ve been in a much better mood and feeling energized.

I’m going to do my best, I’m going to try really hard to get back on the wagon and ride out the rest of these raw days…but that paneer was really freaking good.

I should make it’s raw equivalent now. Yup. That would be wise.

I have a date with Beet’s Cafe this saturday and I’m excited! I need a full meal, a real meal and all raw!

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks of raw rood 😐 It feels like way way way way longer. I have to remember the purpose of this: to feel better, to be healthier, to enjoy life. I will soon be transition to be clean eating and I need to know that I will make the right choices when presented with the choices. Today I did well, I think, considering I could have done a loooooooooooooooot worse. Almost did. But, I did well…considering.

Be honest, how guilty should I feel?


Oh temptation

My mind is my worst enemy sometimes, other times it’s the weather, and every so often they co-conspire to make me insane.

Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, you awful siren, you’ve been calling my name all damn day. Bitter cold and windy and dreary and all I can think about is your warm spicy crunch and the delight of animal protein.

Sigh. I combated this craving with avocado but rather unsuccessfully.

I don’t know why I had this sudden and intense craving when, until 2pm (waking at 5) I was quite satisfied with mean green and nanogreens and protein shake along with some sliced tomatoes and bell peppers. I blame the weather, stepping out from the office into a cold and disgusting day.

Pho and spicy chicken sandwiches, they are my response to awful weather. I’m unbelievably grumpy and fatigued and kind of hate this whole damn way of life.

I’ve never gone this long without some kind of meat. In fact, I’ve only had two instances of any animal product since this year began. VEGAN ugh.

Two more weeks til my next fast and I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s simpler.

Kerbey Lane's cinnamon


I’m also looking forward to pancakes. Ok, guys, I will need to have some muthafreaking pancakes, specifically Kerbey Lane’s cinnamon roll pancakes. They’ll be the featured pancake starting Jan 29th and I WILL NEED THEM.

Seriously. Right after the fast, that’s how I’m breaking it. Don’t worry, just one.

And some black beans and avocado.

Or a hippie burger…with mustard.

We’ll see! Right now the thought of being able to have something in time is only thing that is keeping me from driving to a Wendy’s right now and eating all the things!

I was really hoping that this sort of life change would make a bigger impact on my conditions, but so far the improvement has been moderate to low. I’m hoping that’s because I’m still adjusting and in time modifying my diet to be largely raw and very clean will help. I’m hoping that an 80/20 balance can be reached where 80% of the time I am eating to live and live healthy and only 20% am I indulging in things that are experiences not nutrition such as that pancake up there.

I just have to not be lazy. I’ve done very very very little prep lately and have just been noshing on veggies and the like by themselves. I’ve invested very little time in preparing things and making sure things are balanced and I’m getting all I need.

I need to try harder to not take short cuts.


rough day.

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!


dee di dee di! photo (2) I’ve never cracked open a coconut before tonight and I have to say, it was a lot easier than I expected! I picked up this young coconut on a whim because, well, I love coconut water. A couple of taps with a hammer on a knife and i had a hole big enough for a bendy straw! When it came to opening it up and scooping out the puddingy goodness inside? Super easy!! I just took that knife of mine and twisted it in the straw hole until i could get it lateral and then just sawed a circle around it. Easy peasy!  and the result? Fresh coconut puddin! photo(1)Just took a spoon to it and enjoyed!

So all in all I’d say this weekend has been pretty delicious and simple. No hours in the kitchen with prep or complicated recipes. My days have been a lot of nibbles and just fresh fruit and veggies here and there with the sauces I purchased at Whole Foods and my mustard dressing I whip up quite quickly. So far, so easy. But it has gotten more expensive, I blame this in part on prep’ed foods and start up cost. To be frank, the fruits and veg haven’t been that bad in terms of cost. In fact, the juice week was downright cheap compared to my normal costs. Solution? More juicing!

I still don’t like kale. But when I juice it, it’s awesome. Kale chips aren’t bad either BUT so many of them are crumbly in the bag that the cost is a little…much. So I don’t think I’ll be getting them again. The crumbles I’m thinking I’ll use as a topping.

Suddenly I miss sour cream. Madness.

Little ADHD tonight apparently! Anyway, as I was saying, I still don’t like kale, or chard for that matter. But they’re both great in juices so I need to make a better effort with those. When it comes to spinach and parsley, however, I’m a huge fan. I’m still working on diversifying my fruit and veg tastes. But I think I’m at the point where I will find incorporating salads into my daily routine will be pleasant and easy for me…without drenching it in ranch.

It’s a good thing!

Chocolate and makeup

It was a gloomy day today. It’s been unseasonably warm the past two days, which I love, but it’s been accompanied by dense clouds and dreary damp days. I took the opportunity to clean house but that least to a lot of nibbling through the day including on some raw cheddar, which is fabulous! It’s very sharp and quite nice for nibbles. 002I think it’ll last me a while because of that, and because I’d like to limit my dairy and animal intake for a while. I don’t really miss either to be honest. That’s odd because previously I have LOVED meat and cheese and poultry and all that, but lately I’ve not really wanted it. It’s weird. I don’t want grains either, except the occasional desire for some quinoa.

I tell you what though, I think I’m done with dairy milk for cereal and cooking and the like. To be honest, almond milk tastes awesome and with added vanilla it’ll be great with things like grapenuts (I’ve always liked grapenuts. I don’t know why, I know only like 90 y/o women like grapenuts but there you are). 011

I’m also really amazed that I haven’t wanted eggs lately either. I haven’t even thought about them. That’s weird to me. I used to eat eggs day and night but right now I’m a bit repulsed by them. Weird.

But what I did enjoy today was the most wonderful kelp noodles and raw alfredo with a bit of pepper and added basil. Seriously, delicious. The texture of kelp noodles is weird though. You cannot expect it to be like pasta. It’s much more like very very firm bean sprouts, they snap when you bite them. But the best part of them is they’re SUPER low cal (like the whole bag is 18 cals and thats 3 servings) but they’re loaded with minerals. Kelp is pretty cool like that. They might become a staple for me since they’re so versatile. When I make clean pho, I will def be using these.

Anyway, something that is AMAZING came in the mail. I ordered a case of my favorite Rox Chox in the square size and awww Rochelle and River are so sweet, they threw in an extra bar!008I really love supporting small business and this is exactly why. Every receipt I’ve gotten has included a handwritten thanks and a goodie, and I know that’s a small thing but in this age of faceless customer service it’s so AWESOME to know that a real human fulfilled a request I made.

So now I’m set up on chocolate for a bit, which is good because I was almost out! >.<

PS gals, speaking of small business with awesome service, if y’all are looking for vegan, natural, makeup in awesome pigments you should check out Rogue Republic Cosmetics by my friend Allison. I love her products and have been using them since she began testing. They are awesome! And you cannot go wrong with getting a sample pack while they build up inventory and opens the store up.  The majority of my makeup is now RRC and I love every bit of it!

Yay entrepreneurship!


Today I ate all the things

and I mean ALL THE THINGS. Check this out:
Calories Day

Breakfast: 295
Nano Greens
1 Serving

Milk, Almond, Vanilla Refrigerated
1 Cup

Cherries, Red, Sour, Fresh
2 Cups

Lunch: 347

Salad, Field Greens
2 Cups

2 Cups

1 1/2 Tablespoons

coconut water
25 Fluid ounces

Dinner: 502
Nano Greens
1/2 Serving

Oranges, Clementine
1 Each

Cheese, Cheddar, Extra Sharp, 1″ Cube
2 Each

Apple, Small
1 Each

Banana, Medium, 7″ – 7 7/8″ Long
1 Each

Falafel, Homemade
1 Each

Tomatoes, Fresh, Med
3 Each

Snacks: 335
Super Cookies
9 Pieces

Flax Snax
11 Pieces

Merry’s Miracle Tart- Meyer Lemon
1 1/2 Servings
I don’ t know why, but I’ve been really into nibbling today. I’m not hungry but I just want to taste everything. This is a good thing, I think.

But today was hard. I encountered my first real challenge, free pizza at the office. You see, I love pizza. I love the warmth and the gooey spicy crispy soft symphony of amazing that is pizza!

But, pizza is not raw. So I cannot have it. I can, however, have pizza flax snax, which are delicious but…not pizza.

Oh yes, I am def looking into clean and raw versions of pizza and you better believe that will be one of those indulgy foods in my life. But really today was not so awful. I had a big salad and broccoli with a raw spicy thai sauce from whole foods which was very very tasty.

Still, it was the first time I was really separated socially from eating. I couldn’t have that staple comfort food everyone else in the office was indulging in. I was tempted, but it was fleeting.

But now it’s the weekend! And I’m stoked for some good relaxation and kelp pasta with raw alfredo!

Also ok, the best salad dressing in the world? stone ground mustard and cider vinegar and maybe, just maybe, a shot of liquid aminos or olive oil. Drizzled over a salad it’s awesome. Try it!

I’ve got a lot of energy today, I don’t know why. I’ve been really mellow since I’ve gone this route and I don’t know if it’s the lack of caffeine or something else but I’ve wanted to do some running lately, or hiking, or swimming or something! Could be that it was 75F today! I’m longing for spring.

Maybe it’s all the fresh food, it doesn’t feel like winter when everything I’m eating is so crisp and crunchy and vibrant. Either way, I’m into it.

Tomorrow I’ll also be doing a full measure of myself! So we’ll see how my stats are from starting. I feel thinner, I feel lighter and much more relaxed. It’s a good thing.

I just need to watch the tarts…

…and drink my kombucha

Why I shouldn’t be left alone with tarts

Today I’ve not been hungry but I’ve been incredibly delighted to eat ALL THE THINGS. I started the morning with  my mean green juice and a banana, you know, simple and easy. Lunch was also simple, left over raw tzatziki and broccoli and shredded carrots with lemon and pepper and later some Flax Snax (pizza, omg they’re good!)

But then I opened a Rox Chox

So no big deal, I ate a whole bar.

But you see…then I got home and there was a beautiful merry tart


oh hai! you’re my dinner

Look at it…look at it and tell me you wouldn’t eat it all in one bite! It’s cold and creamy and dense and so good. They’re a bit like a key lime pie and a real baked cheesecake had a baby and  that baby was amazing. Initially I cut it into fours, I just wanted a little. But then, then I could hear it calling to me from the fridge. You see, the vanilla coconut might even be tastier than the lemon!

Before I knew it, it was gone and I had the sad.

I’m now out of tarts and it should probably remain that way for the rest of the week. I have little self control when it comes to sweets and I cannot let them become meals…again.

Which, now I must be concerned about because I got my greenling box and in it are dates.

Dates and nuts. The two very most calorie dense things a raw foodie can eat and oh dear they eat them in abundance!

Luckily, I’m starting my homemade nut/seed/bean/thing exploration with chickpeas and some raw hummus! I have to say, initially I think it’s a little coarse and a little grassy but I added a little more olive oil and a bit of salt so hopefully overnight in the fridge things will marry and soften and if not I’ll see that it spends a little more quality time with my ninja. 021

I’m sad that the recipe I was going to use called for boiling water, letting it set for a couple of minutes to cool, and then submerging the chickpeas in it for a minute. They still called this ‘raw’ but…100-95C even for a minute is cooking. Stick your finger in it for a minute and see…

Anyway, I had to sub for another and we’ll see how it all goes.

But I’m glad my sprouting worked so very well! Cute little chickpea tails!


I also got started on an overnight marinade of mushrooms and broccoli to mimic Chinese beef and broccoli from this awesome site I found: Raw On $10 a day (or Less!)

I made a few tweeks to it though, adding some of Bragg’s aminos and using my raw apple cider in place of balsamic (i don’t have any currently 😦 ) so we’ll see how it all comes out. I see a lot of recipes calling for cooking on a dehydrator. Now this is the one creature I don’t have in my kitchen and I’m not sure I want to invest in one. I considered briefly using my oven on ‘warm’ but I don’t know what temperature that actually is. I have a thermometer though so it might be worth a try. Thoughts?

I have to say though, no cravings, no real hunger and mostly just me trying to pick what to eat from my myriad of foods in my house. See my biggest problem is I want to nibble EVERYTHING. That’s a good problem to have but it means my meals are more like extended snack time. I can live with that.

I’ll leave you with my cats trying to steal my piece of tart. They were mesmerized by it


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