And I’m back

The last few months have been inexcusable. I’ve been busy, stressed, and utterly horrible to myself and so, I’m back because I can’t take it anymore. I let allllllll of that be an excuse to back slide into nasty habits that have only aggravated my pain and illness and thus perpetuated the cycle. I’ve tried to get back on the wagon without blogging but honestly, I’ve not done well without it.

Writing about this journey has helped me, so I’m going to keep writing about it.

My last post was in Feb. I should bring y’all up to speed!


I won my company’s weight loss challenge! Not just won, I KILLED IT.

That means that I won a trip to San Francisco but I traded that with my second place buddy (who did AMAZING and won the fitness challenge outright) for a $750 gift card to

Which was fabulous!


During this time I also was searching for a house. This was the start of my undoing. It is immensely time consuming and stressful and in this market I was actually making offers on houses without seeing them because if you didn’t, you’d miss your chance completely. Even so, I won no bids but four and of those they all failed inspections miserably. It was expensive, painful, and quite frankly made me hate my life.

I gave up. Instead in November I’m moving into an AMAZING new apartment  that is going to be a little more expensive, a little farther out, but it is: huge, next door to my wonderful friend Sarah, has amazing amenities, and is in a safe and lovely part of town.


I also got myself a new bed because the bed I had since high school was just not doing well for my back. It is fabulous!

During this time I also began to suffer a lot of pain because I made poor choice, stopped working out, was sleeping poorly, and was doing all the things that I shouldn’t be doing that was hurting my fragile health.

So I began taking steps to breaking the cycle, like the new bed!

I got into physical therapy as it turns out one of my biggest back problems is a nice fat pinched nerve and hyper-mobile L3 and L4. At some point I re-injured my back and that cascaded. It’s improving immensely now!

I’ve got a reliable rheumatologist and he’s immensely helpful and very open to non-drug intervention. He’s supportive of holistic diet approaches, acupressure, massage, and other therapies to manage my pain and my deterioration and hopefully reverse it.

I got myself a kinect! and I loooooooooooove it! It’s so fun and helps me out with my yoga as it can help me correct postures. I also got the whole things for 99$, i think i profited from a broken relationship. I should feel bad about that but having been in the same position all i can think is haha you go girl. I’m so mean!

My juicer died. i might have had a hand in that, so I got myself a high powered personal blender. I take it as a sign that I need to switch to smoothies!

Anyway! It’s all about getting back on track– Healthy, whole foods, plant based deliciousness! I’ve been working on it but it’s time to hold myself accountable and use this as a way to help my mental and emotional health. I don’t like talking to people about it, i much prefer writing about it.

You’ll notice typos and such too and that happens. I’m not writing this for professional reasons, it’s a stream of consciousness. No revision, no sugar coating, no holding back. Occasionally I’ll post something more polished, but you’ll be able to tell those. Recipes and whatnot 🙂 buuuuuuuuuuut for the most part– prepare thyself for typos and silly grammar.

Also i’m now on myfitnesspal– agomez281. Join me!

I’m not here just to lose weight (though i could stand it) but to stop just existing and really get my life back. I felt SO GOOD eating right and so shitty eating poorly. Now that I’ve really seen and felt the difference, I cannot let myself go back to the ‘food like’ toxic products. It’s not worth it, I deserve better.

That’s really what this blog is about, reaffirming publicly and daily that I am worth it. I’m worth the cost, I’m worth the time and effort. I am worthy of being healthy and happy.

Believe it or not that’s a real struggle for me. When nothing in your body works, when you feel so damaged, it’s really hard to justify the investment.

But I have a lot of reasons to invest in myself. I have amazing people in my life, I deserve to be healthy enough to spend time with them.

I have an amazing family who loves me deeply, I have the power to alleviate their worry.

I have AWESOME CATS! They need me to have the energy to play and cuddle and love them.

I’m awesome! I’m funny, I’m caring, I’m smart, I’m even pretty! I deserve to take the best care, to have the best food, to heal my body!

I’m worth it. You’re worth it.

Stewart Smalley people, he knows what’s up!


Pizza: breaking the fast!

020True to form, my first home cooked food was packaged. BUT this is for a couple of reasons

1) I really wanted pizza

2) This pizza was SO popular even though it was a new item that this was the LAST one on the shelf. So of course, I had to try it.

3) This is part of an effort by me to clean up even when I eat frozen meals. This really limits me to Kashi and Amy’s…moreso Amy’s since some of Kashi’s dishes use GMO crops

I know that with my lifestyle I cannot commit to never eating frozen meals, what will be important is minimizing them and only having the ones that are genuine food. The rest of this week will be fresh and home cooked, but I’ve wanted pizza for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeesss

So how was my Naked Pizza?

Pretty darned tasty!

Rating: 7/10

Pros: 024

-Veggies are really great

-The crust was hearty and browned nicely in the oven. I followed the directions, 400F for 10 mins on bake but then I tossed in my own quick broil to brown up the top a bit. It turned out beautifully

-Great nutrition and generous serving size. Half a pizza for 350 and a whopping 18g of protein and 9 g protein? YUH!

-Good cold. I told myself I’d have the other half tomorrow (I am trying to lose weight after all) and that lasted until..oh 10 mins ago. I tried a cold bite, fabulous. Tried another and another and…welp, there’s my second serving.

-It bakes up pretty! (see below)


-This is really a personal size pizza. The serving size is 2, and they’re significant! But don’t think you can have this pizza as a party item.

-They’re light on the sauce. While I don’t like a soggy pizza, there are areas that weren’t covered properly. This might be just a defect with mine so meh

-The sauce isn’t very spicy or zesty. It’s not bad, by any means, but I prefer a slightly spicier and garlicky sauce. That’s easily remedied and I usually employ sriracha on my pizza anyway, so to each their own.

This pizza does use wheat and it’s not vegan, it does use Mozzarella. But all that withstanding, I’d likely get it again and can see why it was sold out so quickly.

The next I’ll be trying is an Amy’s pizza but they were out of the gluten free crust at the store so that will have to wait!

Oh Pizza, you are so loved!


The rest of this week will be home cooked, as I mentioned, and Wednesday I’ll be getting my greenling box complete with Engine Two meal kits. Can’t wait to review those!

and suddenly: ALL THE ENERGY

I don’t know what my deal was today but I was hyperactive. Actually, I woke up this morning with a horrific headache due, I think, to the mold running rampant in the atmosphere. I slept with my windows open and I imagine that didn’t help at all.  But, I don’t know. I decided to take a nice walk down to Wal-greens. It’s a mile and a half away through the neighborhood and since it felt so lovely outside and all I figured it’d be worth it to get the paper. It was lovely, really, but my headache did not improve. In fact, it got much worse and I resorted to some aleve and a cold compress when I got home.

But once it subsided I was all energy. This is a 180 from yesterday where I didn’t even break 4000 steps. Capture2 But today…over 20k! It’s not my best (that’s 24k) but pretty close.

Whatevs, juice has that effect.

Speaking of juice!  Today I concocted what might be my ugliest juice yet! But it was mighty tasty! Capture3The berry beetaful! (oh puns!) I have the feeling it would be very pretty if not for the kale that really throws off the whole bright warm color pallet. But it tastes lovely and is nice and thick thanks to the strawberries. Love it!

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay juicy or if I’ll add in a dinner and juice breakfast and lunch. It’s important to remember than juice can be a meal. Seriously, I’ve made juices that are 700 calories and wonderful but if you think that’s a snack you’re nuts! Or a marathon runner (one day!).  We’ll see! It’s time to drop the strict rules and just kind of roll with what I want.

Want juice? Juice!

Want a salad? Chomp!

Want to cook up something delicious? Get sizzling!

One thing is for sure, I love this freaking energy!

Now on to stats, my measurements haven’t actually changed all that much since my last measurement update but they’re posted 🙂 My body fat has gone down though and my blood pressure is currently pretty awesome.


What hasn’t yet improved, and I hope does, is my allergies. Most of my allergies are skin related. I have very sensitive skin and it can be problem skin too. I’m going to be switching some products soon so we’ll see if there’s improvement there. For years I’ve used the following:

Mane n Tail shampoo

Aussie or Herbal Essence conditioner

Neutrogena Grapefruit Bodywash

St Ives Apricot scrub

And that’s it. I’ve always been really spotty with my lotions and such but I tend to use Aveeno sunscreen because…sun allergy. In the world of makeup I use neutrogena mineral powder and various eyeliners but my pigments are all Rogue Republic! (which you should like on Facebook!   for a freebie!)

Now, I’ve been looking at the things I use and realizing that they might be part of the problem. Of all of the things I currently use, I know only Rogue Republic to be 100% good for my skin.

It’s time I be better about what I use on the biggest organ of my body every day. I’m very very very very very tired of having hives and rashes and being generally uncomfortable in my own skin. If you’ve ever seen me have an allergic skin reaction you know just how miserable it is. So it’s time I invest in my skin as well as my food. It’s all a part of health and wellness.


JC140_XlI’ve started with Jason’s Tea Time anti-aging moisturizer. Because the other day I looked in the mirror and saw wrinkles. Well, fine lines. I’m 26, I don’t want lines! We’ll see how it goes, but I must be diligent about it. I mean, if you don’t use it you can’t expect it to work, can you?

If nothing else, I know that I will have FABULOUS pigments from Rogue Republic!

Have I mentioned how much I love them yet?

I think I might have.

Maybe. Hard to say.

I love them almost as much as I love Rox Chox! Okay, actually just as much!

Check them both out!


The day I caved

photo (3)It’s blurry…but yes, that is saag paneer. But that is also marinated shredded veggies and cabbage crunch (which was awesome)

Yeah, so I caved. Clearly that saag is not raw. BUT it is from Whole Foods, and is clean. At least there’s that. The temptation was too great and I needed protein like nothing else. I was angry, fatigued, and downright…unhappy. But since then I’ve been in a much better mood and feeling energized.

I’m going to do my best, I’m going to try really hard to get back on the wagon and ride out the rest of these raw days…but that paneer was really freaking good.

I should make it’s raw equivalent now. Yup. That would be wise.

I have a date with Beet’s Cafe this saturday and I’m excited! I need a full meal, a real meal and all raw!

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks of raw rood 😐 It feels like way way way way longer. I have to remember the purpose of this: to feel better, to be healthier, to enjoy life. I will soon be transition to be clean eating and I need to know that I will make the right choices when presented with the choices. Today I did well, I think, considering I could have done a loooooooooooooooot worse. Almost did. But, I did well…considering.

Be honest, how guilty should I feel?


Juicy Details- Day Two

Okay, so today has been tougher.

This morning I woke up ravenous and so first thing was first! Mean Green!

Turns out I made enough for breakfast and lunch so today has been very very green.

Most of the day at work was easy except around meal times when people were heating up their lunches and the aroma carried around the cube jungle. Whoever made biscuits, I hate you.

But my two mean greens with chia seeds, a mystic mango kombucha and some yogi tea got me though.

But then…

It’s that time of year! My inspection on my car is due and that means a trip to Jiffy Lube!

Now the Jiffy Lube by my home is surrounded, literally, by the following:

Taco Cabana


Thundercloud Sub


Chick Fil A

a Japanese place

a Mexican place

and an Indian place

In short their parking lot smells like all the foods in the universe aka DELICIOUS.

But I stayed strong!

Until I got home, then I made this beauty:


Avocado’s Number: avocado, parsley, kale, spinach, tomato, lemon, bell pepper

So good! See that straw? It’s standing straight up because this juice is so thick it’s practically a milk shake. It’s very mild and very filling. Good bye hunger!

So how am I feeling today?

I’ve never gone this long without eating solid food, but I don’t think I’ve ever had this much nutrition at once. It’s throwing me for a loop. I’m not going to lie, I’m very tired today but I’m not sure if that’s just from getting to bed later than usual yesterday and it being a first day back after a vacation or if it’s something else.

pout pout

sleepy girl pout pout

I’ve had a passing headache now and then today. It has just been a throb here and there but nothing compared to my normal headaches from caffeine withdrawal.

I think it’s all good. Tomorrow will hopefully be no harder than today. Also tomorrow will be much more fruity than today.

Come to think of it, I think I deserve a berry dessert!

Also, on the sidebar you can see my measurements. I’ll be updating these now and then as a running list. Some will be updated daily (weight and blood pressure) and others probably just weekly.

PS! I’ve got a raw recipe board on pinterest! Cannot wait to try them all. If you’ve got a favorite let me know!

Check out my raw board on pinterest!