Why hello again, dear juice

Friday was a cray cray day! Sorry for not posting but I didn’t get home til about 12:30 and was way too sleepy to do an entry.

In fact all damn day I’ve been really sleepy and not feeling that great. Why? Ohhhhhhhhhh I don’t know, but I suspect it had something to do with my first really and truly ‘free food’ day of the year.

I took full advantage.

111 Breakfast was nanogreens and kombucha, nothing fancy. I was set to go Beet’s with the co-workers BUT my old department (where they all still reside) was apparently having a cray week of their own and so everyone was a bit too frazzled and busy to be able to take a lunch outside the office. Having had those days for the past year, I totally sympathize. We plan on rescheduling for this coming week! But we did all manage to head over to the Whole Foods express where I indulged! Cabbage crunch (yummy!), very lightly sauteed broccoli and this magnificent beautiful delicious creamy warm baked mac and cheese (that I added some more shredded cheddar to ;p)


If that had been the extent of the abuse I planned on giving my stomach I’m sure I’d have been fine. As you can see the mac and cheese is only about a 1/4 of the plate, the cabbage was the largest component and the broc wasn’t insignificant.

However…you remember pancakes right? Yeah. Pancakes. Delicious freaking pancakes. Kerbey Lane, me, Misha, Tim, and Will and cinnamon roll pancakes.

112I got one, just one, because I told myself that I didn’t need a full stack. Kerbey’s pancakes are large and while they are by far more wholesome and natural than just about any restaurant anywhere, they’re still flour and sugar and all that. Still, it was beautiful. Worth the wait.

But if the abuse I put my stomach to had just been the mac and cheese and the pancake (which didn’t really need syrup but I had a bit, small bit) I think I’d have been ok…ish.

But oh no, no no no no no nonononooooooo I couldn’t just say mmm pancake! I’m good! I’ll have some beans or a salad or  whatever (kerbey had a million healthy clean and even some raw options) no I had to say…mmm you know what sounds awesome?

A burger.

115Yeah, a burger.  On a whole wheat bun with avocado and sweet potato fries. Yeah that sounds marvelous!

Well, it was! I only ate a few fries (too occupied with my pancake!) but the burger was fabulous…at the moment.

But see from there, all full and bursting with food I haven’t had in a month, we ventured downtown to our friend Deepu’s birthday party. There I was, in a club, and was very very glad I was with people who do not drink. I managed, wisely, to abstain from the boozahol all around. This was helped, in part, by the fact that my stomach was now protesting very very much. And not just my stomach, but my pancreas. It has been a long time since I’ve felt my blood sugar crash like I did last night. I do not miss it.

Needless to say, this morning I welcomed back my juice with open arms and have been battling the food hangover all day. I am tired and have zero energy, been feeling so cold and my stomach has been wonky this morning but I’m sure that will pass by tomorrow.

I began today with a really really really really big juice from Whole Foods while I did a bit of shopping for juicing supplies . Green 125goodness with double beets and spirulina! 36 oz of pure awesome. It carried me through the morning and most of lunch. Other than that, I’ve had a kombucha, a bunch of tea (i’ve been cold, so cold)  and coconut water from 3 young coconuts. I love them. I LOVE THEM! But a very nice surprise has come with dinner, citrus sunrise! I’ll have it again for breakfast:

1 grapefruit

2 oranges

4 oz cherry juice (you can score it at whole fuds or use pom’s cherry)

that’s it! Doesn’t even need a juicer, you can just squeeze. Delicious.

But while grocery shopping I also picked up a new milk that I’m going to be interested to try along with my Vega One protein. 128Flax milk with pea protein. I got the unsweetened kind because I plan on using it to mix things not to drink on its own but it might also be good for cooking. We will see! I like almond milk but it’s very much almond flavored and while I really enjoy the vanilla variety, that limits it’s use. Also it’s higher in calories than this is without the added protein benefit. I’ll try some tomorrow morning with my vega one and report back.

That is a difference in this fast too, I am not just juicing, I’m also incorporating as meals my protein mix and other supplements. What is similar, however, is that it’s all vegan and natural still. Check em out! 126I’ve got my NanoGreens, my Vega One Chai, bee pollen and spirulina and of course my gummy vitamins…because I’m 5, and also vitamin supplements make me vomit when in pill form. I don’t know why, but they do.

Neat huh? And I have to say, Vega One is perhaps the best tasting protein mix I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a LOT of them. After I finish this one I might switch to their sport line since it’s heavier in the protein department but doesn’t yet come in chai, which is what drew me to this one in the first place.  Plant based ftw!

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my clean phase will mean to me. I’ve read a lot of different interpretations on ‘clean’ that vary depending on source, body builders, vegans, dieters, etc…even some people who would claim that slim fast style shakes are considered clean???

Sigh, here are my simple rules for what I will consider clean:

-Can I identify every ingredient as having come from something I can grow or raise?

-Is the word bleached, hydrogenated, or artificial present in the ingredient list?

-Can I (in theory) from scratch, as in right from the ground or pasture, make what I am eating?

Basically, is what I’m eating real food?

No hard and fast rules but there will be some things I choose to avoid because there are better options– wheat, for example. I’m not banning it but I will opt, when I can, for gluten free.

I will also strive to avoid soy and other GMO crops. Not only are GMO crops creepy as sin they’re also a major source of economic conflict in the world. I’ve always felt strongly about GMO but have been lazy about avoiding it (also poor) and it’s about damn time I cut them out.

For health and nutritional reasons I’ll be limiting the amount of grains of any sort I take in, fact is I can get a lot more bang for my calorie without them and to be honest, I don’t miss them all that much. Still, I’ll have them from time to time. 🙂

I’ve also been thinking a lot, recently, about my animal product intake. I love meat, of all kinds. I really do. But I’ve lived for years without pork and shellfish (three guesses why!) and haven’t had so much trouble.

I don’t want to go vegan or vegetarian but I do want to be much more responsible with my animal product intake. I’ve decided then that I will only eat meat and poultry from responsibly sourced humane providers. When possible at restaurants I will opt for vegan entrees or vegetarian if there are no vegan choices unless I have verified that they source from humane providers. You can bet your ass I’ll be making a list of those places 🙂

When I shop for meat it’ll likely be from Whole Foods as they have an Animal Welfare Standards program that is handy dandy. (They have a similar program for seafood sustainability)  I, personally, won’t accept less than standard 4. I realize that many restaurants won’t  be meeting that standard, but I will applaud any efforts they make.

Why? Because I love animals, and while I believe that we are omnivores and it has a place in our diet, I also think what we do in commercial ranching is a crime, both to the animals and to ourselves.  Conventional beef and grass fed beef have DEMONSTRABLE nutritional differences. Why? Conventional beef is raised on the cheapest diet they can produce and it’s often corn mixed with other leftovers and supplements as well as hormones and antibiotics. We feed them trash and that’s what they become. Grass fed beef is not only better for you and for the cow but it tastes better too!

We all deserve better, cows, birds and people. It’s about respect, in a lot of ways, for me. The animal is being raised to one day nourish me, which means until that day we have a responsibility to them to care for them and make their life worth living. That means no tiny cages, socialization, enrichment, natural diet and ability to see the sun. There’s no excuse for less.




And finally it is day seven!!

Today has been my last day on the juice and it’s actually been the easiest yet.  I tried this morning to use a protein powder buuuuuut that wasn’t great. I’m going to tell you why: the grit. Ok, so these things don’t dissolve like whey or other protein mixes. You get serious grit but the taste is fine. I powered through it just fine though.

After was all about the chia kombucha and a mean green dinner! I’m not going to lie, I went to Whole Foods today after work to get tomorrow’s lunch because tomorrow is going to be naaaaaaasty and I’m not going to be able to walk to the cafe near my work. Well! The guy there was super helpful but I had to sample some things. YEAH HE MADE ME. Ok so he didn’t twist my arm but I wanted to know what I was buying so /technically/ I chewed.

I sampled a raw chickpea salad, which was good but super rich and settled on some raw falafal and tahini and of course some delicious raw beets and carrots and then some chunked jicama because i freaking love jicama.

I also picked up a couple things I realized I forgot including some raw kelp noodles (yeah those are a thing) and raw honey and went ahead and got myself that vanilla coconut tart.

I gotta tell you, raw desserts are ridiculously easy. Like if I’m not careful I’m going to gain a boatload of weight.

I’m excited to get those kelp noodles because I can’t wait to try out some of the raw alfredo sauce (which I can get at whole foods but I’m going to try and make here) and mac and cheeeeeeeeeeeeese

It’s winter and man do I love me some of those blue box blueeeeeeeeeeesssss kraft macaroni and cheeeeeese

I also found a great vegan recipe for when I go clean because while cheese is great and all, nuts are more nutritious.

Pinterest. It’s awesome.

Now for reflection on the fast:

I dropped almost 7lbs. 7lbs of what I’m sure is partially water weight and partially just not having anything in my system. I’ll be interested to see how much I gain from eating even though my calorie intake might remain the same.

I’ve not been nearly as hungry as I thought I’d be. I contribute this to one simple fact: I resigned myself to being hungry. I said yeah, I’m going to have stomach noises and I’m going to be wanting foods but you know what? I’m getting better nutrition from the juice than I was from ramen.

Normally when I’m hungry I’m a nightmare. Anyone want to dispute that? No? *crickets* Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Yeah, if you’ve ever seen me hungry you know that I get grumpy, fussy, whiny, angry, stabby, etc.

I’ve not had that problem this week. I’ve not been snippy or bad tempered or anything. I’ve had some blues but nothing like what I’ve had when I was hungry before. That’s a good thing 🙂

Would I do it again? Yeah, yeah and I intend to. Before the final weigh in at work I’ll do another week, yeah I want that trip! But I also feel like I’ve had great energy the past few days 🙂

I’ll probably do day fasts here and there too, just because I have made some really delicious juices and I want to keep having them as meals.

So where do we go from here?

Well tomorrow begins the first day raw of solid foods.

I’m going to try my chocolate chia pudding in the morning and for lunch I’ve got my falafal, beets and carrots and jicama and for dinner? SASHIMI!

I’m excited!

We’ll see how long I last, I’m def going to do until Feb 5th raw but after that, we’ll see. No matter what my habits are going to be different now. Clean eating and perhaps even more vegan recipes.

Final Note!

Remember I mentioned my friend Misha going clean? She has her blog up and running and you can find it here: ResistINS

The first few entries are up and they’re quite moving. Good luck, Mishi!! Love you!

my pretty sister from another mister!

my pretty sister from another mister!

Juciy Details– Day Six

7:30 am and I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So much so that I totally forgot to weigh myself before grabbing my shopping bags and heading to the Whole Foods mothership down on 5th in Austin.

If you’ve never been to this mecca of natural grocers then you can’t really fathom just how big and amazing it is. Truly. This is a place with four restaurants and a bar inside, not to mention the juice and gelato bar. Each of their departments is the size of a small local grocery store and parking? 90% of it is under the store in a garage. I never even bother to look for parking on the surface lot but today I got there right as they opened and wouldn’t you know it? There was a spot in daylight! This is particularly nice since I don’t like escalators lol

But going here was hard, Whole Foods is an amazing place but they’re not just super healthy stuff. They’re all about WHOLE FOOD. That means breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert and no one, NO ONE does dessert like Whole Foods. The largest section of the store very well could be devoted to the Candy Island and the bakery department. Everything you could want is there and it was so very hard to avoid it totally.


get in mah belleh!

However, the Living Food section and restaurant looks promising! I stocked up on a lot of essentials and replenished my veggies and even found a local raw brie that I cant wait til Wednesday to sample! I also found some flax crackers and macadamia nut spread in case my homemade hummus doesn’t turn out. I’m very excited about the Go Raw Super cookies and Flax Snax I found. I picked up the pizza ones first and then I saw original cookies and was like meh let’s try them both. BUT THEN I saw Chai cookies and was like WHUU I MUST EAT YOU

and then…OH SNAP! Ginger snaps!!

I freaking love ginger snaps. 😐 Like…I’ll fight you for the last one.

So that’s how I ended up with four bags of snackums in my cart. I opened the pizza one to smell today and am really wondering why I don’t go around all day with one under my nose. It smells like pizza and that’s no lie. Will it taste like it? Well texture wise no, but if that scent is anything to go by it will have nailed the zesty sauce flavor, which is the most any nonpizza food can be asked to do.

I then stopped over at their juice bar and discovered two things:

1) wheat grass and me REALLY don’t get along. Rarely if ever can I take a shot of it and not end up curled up in a little nauseous ball, like I did today

2) the juice concoctions at my nearby Whole Foods are much tastier. Today I got the skin rejuvenator and it was…not rejuvenation.

So when I got home I whipped up a little something of my own and then opened my kombucha.

All in all I spent $160 there.

Sticker shock! But I remind myself that a good portion of that are bulk things like chickpeas, tahini, almonds, almond milk, spinach and the dozen cucumbers or so I bought. So overall, considering it was all organic and the packaged things were purposed as raw I think I did ok. Next shopping trip should be less.

And I remind myself of my rules: I WILL NOT LET FRUGALITY RUIN MY HEALTH.

I must also remind myself that I have a box from Greenling coming Wednesday with all the splendid goodness that didn’t cost me but 15$ because I got a $50 gift card 😀 So really I’ve spend 175$ for225$ of food. HA! and a lot of it will last, like I said: start up cost is high but maintenance should be ok.

So, how am I feeling today?

Well, not great, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s the wheat grass or the fact that I’m PMSing (ugh could I have timed this thing worse?) or both but I’m feeling pretty crappy. I’m grumpy. I’m annoyed. I’m sleepy and searching the paper for coupons has made me realize how much of my diet before was convenience food. There are coupons for EVERYTHING this week, snacks, ‘health food’ like special K bars, soups, Lean Cuisines, and all that rubbish Weight Watchers touts with their point system.

All of that stuff…I used to eat it all. I’d go to HEB and hand them all my coupons and ‘save’ 30 bucks. But at what cost, I wonder. It was cheap, fast, easy…but was it killing me? It’s hard to say yet. These last two days have had a bit of a depressed mood to them and it’s not even hunger or cravings. I’d like to chalk this all up to hormones but I’m constantly questioning myself.

I can’t let myself get discouraged, I can’t be too hard on myself. I should just relax today, do some yoga, do some laundry (fresh warm blankets and clothes always make me happy) and admire the raw tart I bought for myself that I’m going to tear into Wednesday! It’s meyer lemon. I thought about getting one of the chocolate ones  but I have Rox Chox for that 😀 Maybe next time I’ll get the vanilla coconut one but we’ll see.


I’m feeling a little better after finishing my green chia kombucha and talking to my memo on the phone (she broke her hip two weeks ago but is doing swimmingly in rehab!). I’ll have some nanogreens here in a bit. Also I’ve prepped for some chocolate chia pudding!

Here’s what I did:

1 oz Cacao Nibs

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1 cup vanilla almond milk

a dash of coconut flakes, unsweetened and raw of course

step one: combine nibs and coconut flakes in your food processor or blender  (i have a little ninja and that worked perfectly) and pulse until they’re sufficiently powdered. This happens really pretty quickly

step two: add almond milk, process a little more

step three: in a container of your choice pour the mixed almond milk and add chia seeds. Cover it and give it a good shake to make sure all the chia seeds are mixed in.

Step four: refrigerate overnight.

…So i got to step four. I’ll let you know how it turns out in the morning but by my calculations (using loseit.com) this hearty pudding will be about 330 calories.

Sounds like a good breakfast to break my fast on wednesday morning! of couuuuuuuuuurse I’m going to sample it tomorrow morning and since it’s a liquid and I’ve been encouraging myself to eat chia I won’t feel guilty about it.

Why’d I make it so far in advanced? I needed to smell chocolate. And sample the almond milk. I got a vanilla and an unflavored one. The verdict is that it’s delicious.

So I might update later tonight but if not rest assured I’m watching Doctor Who and cleaning up a bit 🙂

Nanogreens snack and mean green for dinner!

Juicy Details- OMG Day Five

I haven’t been hungry today. At all. So much so that I’ve actually only managed one juice (mainly carrot, kale and beets), one kombucha and a concoction of lemon, water, chia and Nanogreens. All of these have been really tasty but the fact is: I’m not hungry.

What I am experiencing, though, is intense desire to taste and chew things. Savory things. Oddly, I really really really want a Gardenburger. I don’t even want it hot, I just want to chew it. I’m really hoping this will pass once I move out of the fasting phase.

Monday is my last full day of the fast, Tuesday morning I intend to have myself a fruit salad, some nuts, and take a trip to the Whole Foods cafe near my work building and get some of the delightful noshes in their chef case. The majority of those offerings are raw foods, so I should be able to scrounge up a nice lunch before heading out for sashimi with friends that night. I’m really looking forward to savory food.

Hummus, for instance, sounds amazing. I found a raw recipes for it and I will actually begin prep for it tomorrow when I make a trip to the grocery! Raw Hummus is among us!

Today has actually been the hardest to keep from eating things other than juice even though I’m not hungry. I just find myself thinking about burgers and such. I know these cravings will stop and they need to but I find myself questioning the whole raw decision. It’s only a month, I have NO intention of remaining raw. My goal here is to reset myself, to refocus my cravings to things that are actually good for me and embrace a life of eating clean, wholesome foods for me.

Is it really so bad to cook things? Eh, I’m inclined to say no. Cooking food is ok, it damaged nutrient content sure but there are simply some foods that are safer to eat cooked. Grains and beans come to mind mostly. Now, a paleo approach says grains aren’t that great for us and I agree, but beans? Beans are dynamite. The raw solution is to soak and sprout them but for my purposes I’ll either leave that to the pros or I’ll forgo them until the end of the raw bits.

So why am I doing this? Because if I tell myself just eat clean now, I’ll bake a lot of bread, use a lot of honey, eat a lot of grass fed beef and roast me some chicken…see what’s missing in there? Veggies.

Even if I cut out the four white devils, I’d end up avoiding the things that I’ve been lacking for so long, and even if I wasn’t, I’d not let them be a big enough part of my diet.

I need to make a plant based diet my habit.

It’s hard because a little voice in my head says: oh just eat clean now and juice and just do it now.

But I know myself, I’d be back in a drive through before you know it.

Burger. I really want a burger.

Little sad that I don’t have one right now. By little sad I mean OH THERE’S MY HUNGER

two more days.

edit: slight cheat…mustard. i took a handful of spinach and tossed it with a little stone ground mustard. problem solved. it’s not juice, but it kept me from driving to Wendy’s. net win? yeah.

Juicy Details- Day Four

Today I dreamed of fried chicken and french fries.

Despite today being the easiest day of the fast so far, with some mean green this morning and chia and nano greens for lunch and Avocado’s number for dinner, I dreamt of fried chicken and fries while taking a nap this afternoon. But in my dream it didn’t taste as good and made me feel sick after. What is my subconscious telling me?

I’m not sure, but what I do know is today I had a lot of pep in my step. However, my throat and tongue are a little over the acids from fruits so I think I’m off pineapple and lemon for a bit. I’m not sure if my throat is from allergies/weather changes (oh cedar i hate you) or from the juicing but Nanogreens are less acidic than my mean green and I’ll be using carrots to sweeten things tomorrow if my throat is still a little tender.

I’ve noticed that my hunger has mostly gone away, which is cool. I’ve also noticed that I’m inexplicably thirsty. I don’t know why or where that’s coming from but I’m treating it the only way I know how: drinking water. It’s funny, when you’re drinking juices you actually need to also have a glass of water nearby, or I do. I liken this to soup. If you go to a restaurant and order soup you still order a tea or soda, just something to break up the flavors and clear you pallet.

I’ve had a few questions at work from people who know I’m doing this fast and the most common one is:

‘Ugh…is that green slime? You’re drinking that? ‘ To which I answer, no it’s fresh juice and it’s pretty delicious. Taste it. If they do the reaction is always the same: ‘Hmm, that’s not bad’ or even ‘Wow, that’s really good’.  For some reason people are more comfortable with the thought of me drinking bright non green juices, until I tell them each one has at least two or three veggies in it. The scariest for people has been beets. But again, they sip and rejoice.

Point being: don’t knock it til you try it and don’t be afraid to try it.

The second question I got and one that I’m sure a lot of people have been secretly wondering is: How is my digestive track handling everything?

Well, TMI coming–  or not…fact is, aside from having to tinkle quite a bit I haven’t had any other changes really. I’m regular, not clock work, but once a day constitutionals, and no stomach cramps or glassiness etc. I don’t even burp. No heartburn, no discomfort, nothing.

Now, would that be true for anyone who attempted this? Maybe not, maybe I’m lucky, but I’ve not had issues 🙂 Thanks for the concern guys!

Third question is: How are you feeling/ how is it going?

Answer? Pretty well. I feel great. Aside from being cold (which omg I am always cold in winter) and being a little sleepy, but no more than usual, I feel great. Pain hasn’t been an issue. I have noticed I’ve been a little tense now and then but I’ve not had pain from it. I’m not sure where that tension is coming from, but a little workout helps. Yoga also really helps.

On to other things!

Last night I ordered from greenling.com for a Wednesday delivery! I’m super excited about this because it also meant I could send my friends a free local box for the new year.

Greenling basketSo this is my basket. I focused on fresh herbs and fruits I was having trouble finding at Whole Foods and of course that raw cheddar. SO excited about that cheddar. You…you have no idea. Since I had a $50 gift card I figured I should use it for a few staples as well and a couple things I’ve never tried before, namely those kale chips. I feel like I should have gotten more cashews since they seem so central to a lot of raw recipes but we’ll see how it plays out. I’d like to try and make the cashew sour cream I made once in a vegan cooking class I took last year with Misha. It wasn’t exactly sour cream but i think with a little fine tuning and some chives it’ll be a good dip for those kale chips!

I’m excited to use that spaghetti squash to make squash spaghetti! Or more specifically, make squash pad thai. Spicy time! It’s coming!

Can’t wait to marinate those mushrooms either!


As much as I love juice, I’m getting excited to eat out. The seventh is my last juice day and then the eight I’ll be having my first dinner out! We’ll be going for some sashimi! Japanese will probably be the easiest type of restaurant to eat out at with friends as I’ll have raw options readily available while everyone else can have whatever they want. No muss, no fuss.

I’m lucky that I live in Austin, though. We have a whole host of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and just about everywhere has at least one raw option. This city is also uncommonly accommodating with food restrictions. I’ve observed a kosher diet for years and have rarely had issues with finding something on a menu anywhere. Even when something isn’t on the menu they’re willing to customize.  It’s kind of awesome. So I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll be able to go out and socialize during this raw experiment. Two places has been suggested to me already:

Whole Foods, the flagship store, has a Living Foods section that specializes in prepared raw foods. This will be very handy because it’s also very close to my work so I can just stop by after work.

and Beets Cafe which specializes in a raw food menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner! The menus looks splendid and I can’t wait to have an ELT or a burger or a pizza or tacos! AHHHH I want it all!

You can bet there will be pictures!

Now, tonight will be dedicated to a nice hot bath Harry Potter!

Juicy Details- Day Three

Today has been a day of temptation. It has also been a day of reaffirmation.

Good morning Beautiful: Guava, carrots, pineapple, kale, kiwi, pear, clementines, blueberries, strawberries, golden beets

Good morning Beautiful: Guava, carrots, pineapple, kale, kiwi, pear, clementines, blueberries, strawberries, golden beets

This morning I brewed up a little Good Morning Beautiful and set out to work! I think I like starting my day on fruit more. Pear, guava and apples produce a nice thick juice that’s almost smoothie like.

I was hardly hungry most of the day except for the smell of biscuits, and later fried chicken. The big test was the peanut marshmallow concoction left in the breakroom for the taking. Of course as I got tea they let me know just how wonderful yummy it was and for a split second I wanted to just grab the bowl and eat it all. Then I looked at it closely and realized it was just sugar and low grade nuts. I will make a better one after this week is up.

I’m more and more excited about getting to my raw recipes! And even more excited about raw grocery shopping. Why? AH! I have some really awesome friends.

Remember I told you about Misha and Tim going clean? She’s going to blog about it! I’ll link y’all when she’s all set up. It’ll be really interesting to see how things change for her, how she feels and how her blood sugar reacts from eating clean.

And of course how awesome was this! Today she texts me about getting groceries delivered from Greenling.com  and then what do you know? My friend Ryan runs over maybe 3 minutes later with a $50 groupon to Greenling as a birthday present! It’s like it was meant to be.

Which, guys that website is pretty crazy awesome. I’m very very excited to order me some raw cheddar! I really really miss cheese.

I miss fats. I have to tell you, I’ve never been one of those ‘low fat’ people, but I’ve also never been a butter fiend. I’ve always just kind of walked a moderate line with that. I don’t eat a lot of nuts, but I eat a great amount of cheese. I would drink skim milk but snacks labeled ‘reduced fat’ never appealed to me.

But right now I want nuts. I want nuts really badly. Yesterday’s avocado was delicious and it did the trick so tonight I’ll be adding it to my mean green for sure.  I think this is a good thing. I’m missing the taste and texture of cheese but for the first time in ever I’m craving nuts. Cashews sound wondrous, and I’ve never liked them before.

Rox Chox

Look at that chocolaty beauty

I had one other temptation today and it came in the mail: my Rox Chox box came in. Now my friend and former co-worker Sara put me onto them (it helps that they’re family!) and I’m now committed to spreading the word about them. Rox Chox is raw, nut free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, sugar free, diabetic friendly and more! How do they do it? Simple! Raw chocolate, coconut and birch form the base. Now i’ve had Rox Chox before and loved it, so when I committed myself to going raw I knew I was going to need a stock to keep me from slipping. We all know girls LOVE their chocolate and I am no exception. Now I must tell you, the texture is not what we’ve become accustomed to eating Hersey. It’s…crunchy. Now it melts in your mouth and it’s wonderful but there are coconut flakes and a little salt and the birch itself which all becomes a unique texture. It’s worth a try, really, and soon they’ll be coming out with two new flavors to order online: Ginger and Dibs on Nibs (which I believe will be coconut and salt free).

I believe today to be the shifting point. From here out my energy should be higher, my cravings should ease, and I’ve hit the wall for just how hungry I can get. Today I actually had a lot more energy and pep than Wednesday so I’m feeling good about it. Luckily tomorrow is Friday so I’ll have two days at home to be free of temptation. I plan on making a run to whole foods and treating myself to some wheatgrass and a juice without the cleanup! That is honestly my biggest trouble with this juice fast– the cleaning.

As far as the price of it, I’ve spent less money on food this week that I have in a very very long time and my juices have been BIG. A liter at a time and I’ve still got about half of the fruit and veggies I purchased at the start. Awesome, isn’t it?

Now I have to confess, since I said I’d be honest and y’all can tell me if this is cheating or not:

So I got Rox Chox in the mail and they, sweetly, included a square. Now, not to make excuses but I am about to begin PMSing and…the scent. That rich chocolate scent!

I had half a square. I just popped it in my mouth and let it melt. Cacoa juice, that’s a juice right? RIGHT?

Ok so I feel a little guilty but I’ve told myself the rest is for after the fast. To prove it, I’m going to take the remaining half of the square and spread the word at work. I’ve already made Mindy drink several of my juices hahaha so she’s a prime target!


And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a chia lemonade waiting for me!

Did you get your Rox Chox yet? No? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Go! Go! Go!

Juicy Details- Day Two

Okay, so today has been tougher.

This morning I woke up ravenous and so first thing was first! Mean Green!

Turns out I made enough for breakfast and lunch so today has been very very green.

Most of the day at work was easy except around meal times when people were heating up their lunches and the aroma carried around the cube jungle. Whoever made biscuits, I hate you.

But my two mean greens with chia seeds, a mystic mango kombucha and some yogi tea got me though.

But then…

It’s that time of year! My inspection on my car is due and that means a trip to Jiffy Lube!

Now the Jiffy Lube by my home is surrounded, literally, by the following:

Taco Cabana


Thundercloud Sub


Chick Fil A

a Japanese place

a Mexican place

and an Indian place

In short their parking lot smells like all the foods in the universe aka DELICIOUS.

But I stayed strong!

Until I got home, then I made this beauty:


Avocado’s Number: avocado, parsley, kale, spinach, tomato, lemon, bell pepper

So good! See that straw? It’s standing straight up because this juice is so thick it’s practically a milk shake. It’s very mild and very filling. Good bye hunger!

So how am I feeling today?

I’ve never gone this long without eating solid food, but I don’t think I’ve ever had this much nutrition at once. It’s throwing me for a loop. I’m not going to lie, I’m very tired today but I’m not sure if that’s just from getting to bed later than usual yesterday and it being a first day back after a vacation or if it’s something else.

pout pout

sleepy girl pout pout

I’ve had a passing headache now and then today. It has just been a throb here and there but nothing compared to my normal headaches from caffeine withdrawal.

I think it’s all good. Tomorrow will hopefully be no harder than today. Also tomorrow will be much more fruity than today.

Come to think of it, I think I deserve a berry dessert!

Also, on the sidebar you can see my measurements. I’ll be updating these now and then as a running list. Some will be updated daily (weight and blood pressure) and others probably just weekly.

PS! I’ve got a raw recipe board on pinterest! Cannot wait to try them all. If you’ve got a favorite let me know!

Check out my raw board on pinterest!

The juicy details- Day one

Oh puns!

Today has been my first day of fasting and my first day using my new juicer.

Here’s what I’ve had so far


The mean green: kale, cucumber, celery, apples, ginger, and a bit of lemon and ginger


Clementine’s party: guava, golden beets, 1/4 pineapple, carrots, green grapes, bell pepper, pear, clementines, strawberries and a dash of lemon


Green Zest: Broc, spinach, kale, parsley, garlic, onion, jalapeno, bell peppers, tomato, lime

In addition I’ve also had my synergy green chia, a cup of detox yogi tea and water 🙂

So far so good! Don’t worry, my posts won’t always be like this. I’ll be experimenting and will definitely share the recipes that are the best but much of this phase of things will be pretty simple and straight forward.

So how am I feeling?

I’ve actually only had two bouts of hunger. Right before lunch and right before dinner. I consider this a good thing, to be expected. 

I keep telling myself to not worry about calories. Clementine’s Party up there is quite delicious but it’s also 700 calories if you were to eat all of those fruits and veg alone. I’m telling myself a couple of things 1) CALORIES DON’T MATTER RIGHT NOW and 2) I’m likely not getting all those cals because what is left behind in my juicer’s bin is a substantial amount of calories. So RELAX i say!

Along with that, the zesty green made a LOT of juice, enough to be two servings at least and it’s less than 400 calories for it. Because it is spicy I’m drinking it slower too.

This first day, I hope, is the hardest. I’m going back to work tomorrow and the difficulty there will be having a juice for lunch. I’ll be armed with nanogreens and kombucha so hopefully that and making a double mean green batch in the morning will work. That will also mean I’ll have temptations around me. Here at home my biggest temptation is just to eat the fruit I’ve got around which is not nearly as big of a deal as it will be to be confronted with cupcakes or bagels or cookies etc.

Still, I’m motivated and feeling great so far!

I’m honestly now mostly looking forward to the seven days being over so I don’t have to clean the juicer so often. This will be a good reset though, it really really will.