Why hello again, dear juice

Friday was a cray cray day! Sorry for not posting but I didn’t get home til about 12:30 and was way too sleepy to do an entry.

In fact all damn day I’ve been really sleepy and not feeling that great. Why? Ohhhhhhhhhh I don’t know, but I suspect it had something to do with my first really and truly ‘free food’ day of the year.

I took full advantage.

111 Breakfast was nanogreens and kombucha, nothing fancy. I was set to go Beet’s with the co-workers BUT my old department (where they all still reside) was apparently having a cray week of their own and so everyone was a bit too frazzled and busy to be able to take a lunch outside the office. Having had those days for the past year, I totally sympathize. We plan on rescheduling for this coming week! But we did all manage to head over to the Whole Foods express where I indulged! Cabbage crunch (yummy!), very lightly sauteed broccoli and this magnificent beautiful delicious creamy warm baked mac and cheese (that I added some more shredded cheddar to ;p)


If that had been the extent of the abuse I planned on giving my stomach I’m sure I’d have been fine. As you can see the mac and cheese is only about a 1/4 of the plate, the cabbage was the largest component and the broc wasn’t insignificant.

However…you remember pancakes right? Yeah. Pancakes. Delicious freaking pancakes. Kerbey Lane, me, Misha, Tim, and Will and cinnamon roll pancakes.

112I got one, just one, because I told myself that I didn’t need a full stack. Kerbey’s pancakes are large and while they are by far more wholesome and natural than just about any restaurant anywhere, they’re still flour and sugar and all that. Still, it was beautiful. Worth the wait.

But if the abuse I put my stomach to had just been the mac and cheese and the pancake (which didn’t really need syrup but I had a bit, small bit) I think I’d have been ok…ish.

But oh no, no no no no no nonononooooooo I couldn’t just say mmm pancake! I’m good! I’ll have some beans or a salad or  whatever (kerbey had a million healthy clean and even some raw options) no I had to say…mmm you know what sounds awesome?

A burger.

115Yeah, a burger.  On a whole wheat bun with avocado and sweet potato fries. Yeah that sounds marvelous!

Well, it was! I only ate a few fries (too occupied with my pancake!) but the burger was fabulous…at the moment.

But see from there, all full and bursting with food I haven’t had in a month, we ventured downtown to our friend Deepu’s birthday party. There I was, in a club, and was very very glad I was with people who do not drink. I managed, wisely, to abstain from the boozahol all around. This was helped, in part, by the fact that my stomach was now protesting very very much. And not just my stomach, but my pancreas. It has been a long time since I’ve felt my blood sugar crash like I did last night. I do not miss it.

Needless to say, this morning I welcomed back my juice with open arms and have been battling the food hangover all day. I am tired and have zero energy, been feeling so cold and my stomach has been wonky this morning but I’m sure that will pass by tomorrow.

I began today with a really really really really big juice from Whole Foods while I did a bit of shopping for juicing supplies . Green 125goodness with double beets and spirulina! 36 oz of pure awesome. It carried me through the morning and most of lunch. Other than that, I’ve had a kombucha, a bunch of tea (i’ve been cold, so cold)  and coconut water from 3 young coconuts. I love them. I LOVE THEM! But a very nice surprise has come with dinner, citrus sunrise! I’ll have it again for breakfast:

1 grapefruit

2 oranges

4 oz cherry juice (you can score it at whole fuds or use pom’s cherry)

that’s it! Doesn’t even need a juicer, you can just squeeze. Delicious.

But while grocery shopping I also picked up a new milk that I’m going to be interested to try along with my Vega One protein. 128Flax milk with pea protein. I got the unsweetened kind because I plan on using it to mix things not to drink on its own but it might also be good for cooking. We will see! I like almond milk but it’s very much almond flavored and while I really enjoy the vanilla variety, that limits it’s use. Also it’s higher in calories than this is without the added protein benefit. I’ll try some tomorrow morning with my vega one and report back.

That is a difference in this fast too, I am not just juicing, I’m also incorporating as meals my protein mix and other supplements. What is similar, however, is that it’s all vegan and natural still. Check em out! 126I’ve got my NanoGreens, my Vega One Chai, bee pollen and spirulina and of course my gummy vitamins…because I’m 5, and also vitamin supplements make me vomit when in pill form. I don’t know why, but they do.

Neat huh? And I have to say, Vega One is perhaps the best tasting protein mix I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a LOT of them. After I finish this one I might switch to their sport line since it’s heavier in the protein department but doesn’t yet come in chai, which is what drew me to this one in the first place.  Plant based ftw!

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my clean phase will mean to me. I’ve read a lot of different interpretations on ‘clean’ that vary depending on source, body builders, vegans, dieters, etc…even some people who would claim that slim fast style shakes are considered clean???

Sigh, here are my simple rules for what I will consider clean:

-Can I identify every ingredient as having come from something I can grow or raise?

-Is the word bleached, hydrogenated, or artificial present in the ingredient list?

-Can I (in theory) from scratch, as in right from the ground or pasture, make what I am eating?

Basically, is what I’m eating real food?

No hard and fast rules but there will be some things I choose to avoid because there are better options– wheat, for example. I’m not banning it but I will opt, when I can, for gluten free.

I will also strive to avoid soy and other GMO crops. Not only are GMO crops creepy as sin they’re also a major source of economic conflict in the world. I’ve always felt strongly about GMO but have been lazy about avoiding it (also poor) and it’s about damn time I cut them out.

For health and nutritional reasons I’ll be limiting the amount of grains of any sort I take in, fact is I can get a lot more bang for my calorie without them and to be honest, I don’t miss them all that much. Still, I’ll have them from time to time. 🙂

I’ve also been thinking a lot, recently, about my animal product intake. I love meat, of all kinds. I really do. But I’ve lived for years without pork and shellfish (three guesses why!) and haven’t had so much trouble.

I don’t want to go vegan or vegetarian but I do want to be much more responsible with my animal product intake. I’ve decided then that I will only eat meat and poultry from responsibly sourced humane providers. When possible at restaurants I will opt for vegan entrees or vegetarian if there are no vegan choices unless I have verified that they source from humane providers. You can bet your ass I’ll be making a list of those places 🙂

When I shop for meat it’ll likely be from Whole Foods as they have an Animal Welfare Standards program that is handy dandy. (They have a similar program for seafood sustainability)  I, personally, won’t accept less than standard 4. I realize that many restaurants won’t  be meeting that standard, but I will applaud any efforts they make.

Why? Because I love animals, and while I believe that we are omnivores and it has a place in our diet, I also think what we do in commercial ranching is a crime, both to the animals and to ourselves.  Conventional beef and grass fed beef have DEMONSTRABLE nutritional differences. Why? Conventional beef is raised on the cheapest diet they can produce and it’s often corn mixed with other leftovers and supplements as well as hormones and antibiotics. We feed them trash and that’s what they become. Grass fed beef is not only better for you and for the cow but it tastes better too!

We all deserve better, cows, birds and people. It’s about respect, in a lot of ways, for me. The animal is being raised to one day nourish me, which means until that day we have a responsibility to them to care for them and make their life worth living. That means no tiny cages, socialization, enrichment, natural diet and ability to see the sun. There’s no excuse for less.



Weirdly full

I’ve felt full since I woke up. I don’t know why. I’ve eaten despite total lack of hunger because things still taste good.

I might be coming down with something, my head has been throbbing today. I suppose I’ll find out in the morning. That’d be the cherry on the week wouldn’t it? The day I’m supposed to have my first nonraw thing. My one cheat meal in a month. Pancakes. I want you.

But if I do wake up ill I’ve decided that I won’t go into work and I’ll cancel all three of my plans and stay in bed with my juice and tea. 

Regardless, this weekend i’ll post up my last raw measurements and see what up.

I’m looking forward to chicken. Fifth element style


is it friday yet?

I woke up this morning not feeling very well. I think I’m just a bit under the weather from the whole change of…weather. I am exhausted though and ready for friday’s final food fest before a delicious juice fast.

8f6de9445eac6b45295557b057b159dbI know it’s really weird to think but I actually felt more satisfied in some ways juicing than I have certain days on just raw.

BUT I must say this whole experience has been a success if only for one thing. Kale.

Whole Foods does this summer kale salad and it is…so amazing. SO amazing! And I think I found a passable replica on pinterest! It’s a sweet, crisp and delicious salad and today, after many failed searches, the Whole Foods express had it!

When I arrived there was a knot of women debating over the salad case. To my horror there was only a little bit of that beautiful kale salad left. It wasn’t even noon yet! I wanted to push them all out of the way and yell KALE! GIVE ME ALL THE KALE!

Luckily they just decided on fresh fruit and left it all for me! So guess who ran off with all of it?? THIS GUY!


Meanwhile, this week I’ve been amazingly hungry and full at the same time. I blame hormones. Yeah, it’s about to be that time again. You know how it goes, ladies…

I really want some delicious juice now.




The home stretch

So sorry no post yesterday. I spent the majority of my time at home without power yesterday due to a downed power liner. Awesome, right?

Well no, it made me incredibly grumpy. I therefore spent a good portion of that time being grumpy and shoving clementines in my mouth.

As my friend James rightly pointed out though, at least I didn’t have to worry about cooking anything!

Today was much better though and it ended with a nice sashimi dinner with my friends Amy and Dan. I haven’t gotten to see them in a few years! They’ve both been deployed in Afghanistan and well, that can put a damper on home visits.

AH! I missed them! So now I’m in a fabulous mood of course 🙂

Only a few more days committed to 100% raw. It’s been a good experience overall, I think. It’s been a little more socially isolated  that I’d have liked to be but I have to ask myself if that’s such a bad thing or if maybe I should have made more of an effort to bring others into the experience.

Friday I have a lunch date with my co-workers at Beet’s, and I’m hoping that they like it. A few are skeptical and only one has expressed excitement and he’s the last place I would have expected it from.

Eating healthy, not eating flesh at every meal, and ENJOYING fresh raw vegetables shouldn’t be seen as weird, unlikely or somehow shameful. It shouldn’t feel like you’re doing something wrong because you’re not being ‘normal’ but I’ve encountered that a lot. “oh…it’s vegan?” , “wait, there’s no meat?”, “what do you mean? salad isn’t a meal” etc

I love meat, I love poultry, I love (some) fish. Eggs, cheese, milk! Delicious sure but wow there really is a whole world out there full of flavorful and delicious things that aren’t from animals or tofu for that matter.

Nuts, dear nuts! I’ve never been a big fan before. I don’t know why really. I don’t like them in baked goods and I’ve never really liked trail mixes and all that but I love them in raw recipes. Cashews! I NEVER ate cashews before, but now I see them as incredibly versatile. Same goes for seeds, it’s incredible. Flaxers! Flax seed crackers! Sturdy and delicious and perfect for thick dips.

There is an incredibly flavorful and vibrant world outside of salted processed microwaved crap that we call ‘normal food’ and the best part is? It just happens to be good for you too.

There are def some products and styles I will adopt forever because they taste so much better than the conventional counter parts. Isn’t that crazy? ‘Health food’ that is better than the so called ‘real thing’ (Hail Merry’s tarts, I’m looking at you!).

Madness, I know.

That being said here’s how the next few days are going to go down:

Friday I have lunch set up with co-workers as my last ‘raw meal’ on this experiment and that night I’m getting myself PANCAKES from Kerbey, remember those cinnamon roll pancakes? Awww yeah. But then for the next three days (maybe longer we’ll see) I will be back on the juice before I begin my proper mix of raw and clean.

Clean will hopefully be less expensive lol.

I’ve spent way way way more than i ever planned on this, but my health is worth it 🙂



…and btw Beet’s superfood clusters are insanely addictive and delicious and omg i ate three of them this afternoon all at once. AH so good

Clementine oh clementine


Oh but where have I been this weekend? Eating my weight in clementines, that’s where. Look at it! Look at the pretty little citrus! I’ve eaten about 30 this weekend. Why? Because they’re delicious. Juicy and sweet and tart and perfect little snacks… ugh. Get in my belly!!

Anyway, this weekend has been a lot of house work. I’ve been feeling a bit icky lately and I blame the weather so the only way I could get myself to move and do anything was to clean and do some food prep.

I’ve been all about cutting, slicing and dicing and all that good stuff for my last whole week raw. I’m going to have my last solid food day be Friday since my friend Elizabeth has promised to try Beet’s cafe and Friday is payday.

From there? Juice mania!

I’m aiming for three days but we’ll see how I feel, I might go more 🙂

And then, DUN DUN DUN! We begin the clean!

But this week I think I’ll be partially juicy…in part because I sort of…kind of…juiced all my grapefruits. SO 😀

I also found out that coconut doesn’t juice well. BUT if you blend it up, drizzle a bit of honey, and toss in some chia seeds you can make a nice pudding! NOM!


Today I’ve eaten all the things! In the past few days I’ve actually gained a bit of weight, but that could just be hormones. I’m not worried about it and had a nice off day today which of course lead to me not even getting this tart in the fridge before it was in my belly. Didn’t even bother to cut it up into portions, just bit right down in it. Delicious!

And then…Rox Chox.

And 5 clementines.

All before noon.

I like food.

Thundah thundah thundah birds!

My Internet is being insane. So much so that I can’t post on my laptop. It’s really really frustrating especially because I missed posting yesterday.

Anyway this is from my phone. #dedication lol so I just want to post up a quick thing. One, Thunderbird Energetica bars are delicious
So good! And so are beard bros 🙂

Seven days til my next juice fast and I’m really excited about it. There’s something a bit peaceful about them. They’re simple and easy and they feel good. I hope to do about 3 days or so and then move on to the clean/raw.
I feel like a lot of my meals will remain raw and plant based. Honestly I wasn’t buying a lot of meat before, but a lot of cheese and microwave meals and while that’s cheap it’s not a great basis for your diet.
But being plant based is nice. I don’t want to be vegan or vegetarian but I feel that I have certainly shifted more that way and feel better for it 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow my Internet will work.

Dates are delicious!

Tonight I tried to recreate some healthy raw date balls from a vegan cooking class me and Misha took last year.  They’ve turned out quite nicely for estimating!photo



1 oz caco nibs or some coco powder if you prefer.

1 cup raw almonds

1 cup coconut flakes, unsweetened

2 tablespoons tahini

2 tablespoons honey, raw

13 dates, whole but seeded

Food processor


Step 1! (skip if you use powdered coco/cacao)

Toss those nibs in your processor and powder! Once they’ve been good and pulverized put them in a bowl for later swirling

Step 2!

Take your nuts! Put them in the food processor and spin it until they’re nicely chopped, don’t go so far as to make almond butter though of course, you’ll be processing these for a while yet

Step 3!

Add in the coconut flakes and pulverize a little more!

Step 4!

The wet stuff

Now add the dates and  tahini and make sure everything is nicely blended before adding the last bit, the honey and give it a few pulses until things are nicely sticky

Step 5!

Transfer all that goodness into another bowl where you can pick off bits and roll them in your hands into little balls. As you make them you should roll them in that cacao powder until they’re coated and place them on a plate


I made 28 of them and this is the breakdown for the whole recipe:


So about 55 cals for each. 🙂

Meanwhile, today was kind of miserable at work because I sorta kinda forgot to bring enough food and they sort of kind of CATERED IN BREAKFAST TACOS AGAIN.

But they also brought in fruit, which I had a lot of. It was delicious.

But still, I was cranky.

I’m finding raw to be very socially isolating from some people. Going out for drinking and eating at crappy restaurants  is just not an option for me and I feel a bit judged for it.

But my health isn’t worth some weird guilt or peer pressure.


On another note, there’s a series on Netflix called Feeding Time and it’s literally documentaries of animals eating. Just adorable animals eating. Meercats, pandas, giraffes, monkies, bears etc. It’s the cutest tv ever made. SO FLUFFLY!


Breakfast tacos are Texan kryptonite

In today’s episode superfood girl is confronted with the most diabolical of all breakfast temptations!

BREAKFAST TACOS539428_10150693390817156_703440973_n


Look at their evil goodness, white flour, processed meats, lardy beans, cheese ALL THE CHEESE, chunks of fried taters, and eggs…oh you eggs slathered in oils and scrambled up!

Ugh, who am I kidding? They’re delicious.

They’re also a Texan breakfast staple. I don’t know why we love our omelets wrapped in tortillas as much as we do but by golly we do. Sigh. Seven dozen of those beauties were brought in from taco cabana (where that pic is from btw) for the office at large.

I did not cave.

But I was quite grumpy for the remainder of the day for another reason.

I didn’t sleep well last night. In fact I got only about 3 hours of sleep and spent the rest of the night trying in vain to get comfortable or drowsy. I don’t know why. I haven’t had any caffeine except for the occasional green tea cup (which i didn’t have yesterday), it was just one of those nights.

To add to that, I ventured the (much longer) walk to Whole Foods express in the hopes of finding a dinner for myself so I could take a run with a co-worker AND do trivia night with other co-workers and not starve (I work on the other side of the city from home). ALAS no love. I found a nice kale salad with an asian dressing and got a thunderbird bar but not enough to be dinner.

Those Thunderbird’s though? LOVE THEM!

But alas, that was one thing too many for me to not be all grumpy cat so I ventured home for a nap and a workout. Well the nap didn’t work out but the workout did! CaptureNot bad if I say so myself, but I’ve done better. Still though, pretty good.

My dad called and asked how it was all going and I told him pretty well, down almost 16lbs from my work weigh in, lost an inch all around, and my blood pressure is currently in a normal range.

Can’t argue with that.

He asked what was hardest. Giving up candy? I said nope, oddly, as much as I love candy, raw desserts are SO good and SO easy. I don’t miss any sweet. I do miss salty things though, pizza and such. BUT I don’t need these things. My cravings are not physiological, they’re all mental, social, emotional. For once I really understand the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger. I’ve been SO full since starting this, but have had many food lusts. Want and need…they are different.

My plan after being 100% raw is to be largely raw but all clean. Plant based, treating animal products as the exceptions not the rule. And believe me, there will be clean breakfast tacos. You can want what you need too ;p

Chick fil a and ninjas

This morning my company moved to their new building and to celebrate they brought in Chick Fil A for brunch.

I have to tell you, I LOVE Chick Fil A. LGBT issues aside (i know, i’m a traitor to my own people) they’re delicious. But they’re also awful for you.

And they’re far from raw.

I stayed strong, in part because of my raw chai protein shake and in part because I was too busy being neurotic Nancy about my new space. I don’t like change!  Trying to get situated and ninja proof my cube is difficult. It’s a very open floor plan and there’s no way I can prevent people from being able to surprise me. and there’s no where to put a mirror but I think I might have to make one…and shelves. Ugh, I hate ninjas. In a past life I think I was a mob boss that got shot at a restaurant when his back wasn’t against a wall. Seriously.

But all that upheaval meant today’s eating at work was not ideal. My nanogreens, broccoli and beet salad got eaten but not much else and that meant by the time I got home I was starving.

Answer? Guacamole! And flax snax for chips, which are delicious. Hindsight says I should have made it with some kale or spinach to make it more complete but hmmm maybe tomorrow

That combined with fruit and rox chox  puts me about 300 cals over my calorie goal for the day.

I’m ok with that. Why? Remember those rules of mine? Thou shalt not freak out about calories.

I could have worked out but when I got home and back into my own space all that stress of mine went away and I realized how exhausted it made me. A two hour nap later and I was like meh…off days are good for you now and then.

SO I painted my nails instead.

Good use of my afternoon if you ask me.


Viva la Rawvolution!

Wow, 20 days without the following:





Various grains





Artificial coloring

Artificial flavoring


White sugar

a microwave

That is momentous.

I’m two steps from being vegan and that has been literally three instances in the past 20 days: saag paneer (see when I caved), sashimi dinner, and my raw cheddar made from local whole unpasteurized milk.

Crazy, right?

What I have eaten in abundance?

Chocolate!! Wow chocolate!

Aside from the most wonderous Rox Chox I’ve also had my own cacoa nibs for munching and blending in almond milk and the super food clusters from Beet’s cafe that are amazing!

I’ve had so many desserts, Merry’s tarts, super cookies, raw macaroons and fruit all kinds of fruit!

I have never eaten so many nuts and seeds in my life combined as I have this past 20 days.

Flax, chia, almonds, cashews, macadamia, brazil, hazel, pine and more! Delicious guys, delicious.

It’s kind of awesome.

Now, I know this isn’t for everyone but I’d like to challenge everyone to have one raw day, or even maybe a weekend and try it. See how it is.

Now I have to warn you, if you’ve been on the conventional American/Western diet you might experience some discomfort at first. I didn’t. I don’t know if that’s because I started with a juice fast but I’ve seen some people struggle to suddenly digest that much fiber and plant matter at once.

So Challenge! maybe a juice fast day, maybe a raw day, maybe a weekend, try it.

Here’s how easy a raw day can be:

Breakfast: Fruits! either all chopped up or maybe just whole one at a time. A banana, orange, apple, whatevs, as much as you’d like

morning snack: try flax snax or super cookies or chopped veggies like cucumber or carrot or Go Raw’s products are available in even HEB and ship easily

Lunch: big salad! spinach and tomatoes with onions and cucumbers and whatever your little heart desires. Dressing? oil and vinegar, maybe balsamic? or I like to use stone ground mustard and apple cider vinegar, or you can even use avocado as a creamy dressing and if you’re super cool, toss on some chia seeds

dinner? Easy peasy go for some sashimi or if you want to stay vegan whip up some raw alfredo (it’s ridiculously easy) and zucchini noodles or use sea tangle kelp noodles

dessert? Uh…ROX CHOX  ;p But if you’re not feeling chocolate and don’t have access to Merry’s tarts try any of the dessert recipes from Rawmazing

or, great idea– get out your blender or food processor, get some almonds, some dates, a little honey, dried coconut flakes, and blend it all, then take that and roll out little balls in cacoa powder. BOOM delicious.

See? Ridiculously easy. Not a whole lot of prep, that alfredo? The longest part of it is soaking the cashews if you so choose. You don’t actually have to but it makes it smoother. Super easy.

Yeah sure you can complicate things with your dehydrator and sprouting and all that but you don’t have to.  And I bet if you look locally you can find a raw restaurant or a grocery/farmer’s market that has prepped raw products. My friend James even sent me a txt today that there’s now a raw restaurant in Denton, Texas. DENTON!

viva la Rawvolution!

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