ImageOk, so I’ve got two veggie friendly no retinyl palmitate and whole food nutrition and i’m pretty excited to try them. I decided I might as well do a side by side comparison and taste test.

1)Nature’s Plus’s ‘wafers’ are GIANT. La Croix for scale (which is delicious btw i’m totally hooked)

2) They don’t taste that great, very grassy. Which wouldn’t be awful if they were smaller but as you can see– HUGE. I’m supposed to eat two of those at once?

3) Pioneer tastes much better and is a manageable size and much lower sugar

4) I’m jittery. I only had one of each for testing and that was…6 hours ago. I’m wired! Crazy pants. We’ll find out tomorrow which one did it as I’ll be starting off with the Pioneer because of taste.

So let’s have a look at those profiles!

Pioneer’s profile!


Nature’s Plus Source of Life

I think they’re both pretty awesome and I’m excited to make the switch but seriously, Nature’s Plus is so huge.

I’m also trying out a Cal/Mag/Zinc formula  which has been working pretty well for me. Again it’s a bit high in sugar and calories but it’s worth it to not be sick to my stomach as pill form vitamins make me. In fact after having the multi’s I haven’t had even a hint of nausea. I’m excited!

Also I get all my vitamins and such from Vitacost!Not only is their referral program good for both of us, you’ll also find a lot of things you probably already use for a lot less than Whole Foods or HEB or other grocery and health stores. Also their generic brands are SUPER cheap, it’s almost embarrassing, but still nice quality.

Ok! Off to bed (which feels weird because my place is 90% packed but my bed is still made hahah) Night loves!


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