This is me procrastinating packing

I’m moving in a few days and it hasn’t sunk in how imminent it is yet. I’m being bad about packing and all that but I’ve sorted almost all the other things that go along with moving with the exception of those things that are pesky like address changes on all accounts across the board. For me that’s a lot of things! The good thing is I’m learning my new address quickly!


On the health front–I’m doing pretty poorly as far as diet is concerned. There’s a lot of poor reporting on my part and a lot of bad choices too.

I’m also not working out this week or last because of the move and the tedium of packing. The good news is though– I don’t have RA!

I do, however, again have a thyroid dis-regulation. It’s our favorite phrase everyone!! Say it with me:


but unspecific.


sigh. Luckily most of my other labs are in normal range, but my poor diet choices lately definitely show. My cholesterol was higher than normal as was my (non fasting but still) blood sugar. No bueno!

But today has been (almost) good.

Oatmeal, apple sauce, whole foods lunch with tomato soup, a bit of rice, and carrots and then a nice baked potato this evening.

…and two oreos. I did say almost.

…and a fruit snack.

Yeah, almost.

Anyway, I can’t wait to be settled down and unpacking and back playing with my kinect! I love that thing! I also can’t wait to be out of my flooded apartment.

This weekend it rained quite a bit here in Austin and despite having several towels packed up against the door, my whole floor  is sodden near the door. Fantastic.

Just a few more days, few more days.  Then i’ll celebrate with some juice!


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