is it friday yet?

I woke up this morning not feeling very well. I think I’m just a bit under the weather from the whole change of…weather. I am exhausted though and ready for friday’s final food fest before a delicious juice fast.

8f6de9445eac6b45295557b057b159dbI know it’s really weird to think but I actually felt more satisfied in some ways juicing than I have certain days on just raw.

BUT I must say this whole experience has been a success if only for one thing. Kale.

Whole Foods does this summer kale salad and it is…so amazing. SO amazing! And I think I found a passable replica on pinterest! It’s a sweet, crisp and delicious salad and today, after many failed searches, the Whole Foods express had it!

When I arrived there was a knot of women debating over the salad case. To my horror there was only a little bit of that beautiful kale salad left. It wasn’t even noon yet! I wanted to push them all out of the way and yell KALE! GIVE ME ALL THE KALE!

Luckily they just decided on fresh fruit and left it all for me! So guess who ran off with all of it?? THIS GUY!


Meanwhile, this week I’ve been amazingly hungry and full at the same time. I blame hormones. Yeah, it’s about to be that time again. You know how it goes, ladies…

I really want some delicious juice now.





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fuelingtheresistins
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 00:28:06

    I think if you decide to go raw again, maybe you can do juices plus like, salads or something. 🙂 you LOBS the juice!!!


  2. fuelingtheresistins
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 00:28:38

    (obviously not JUST salads. What i mean is, you should keep juicing even when you’re eating solids!)


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