Clementine oh clementine


Oh but where have I been this weekend? Eating my weight in clementines, that’s where. Look at it! Look at the pretty little citrus! I’ve eaten about 30 this weekend. Why? Because they’re delicious. Juicy and sweet and tart and perfect little snacks… ugh. Get in my belly!!

Anyway, this weekend has been a lot of house work. I’ve been feeling a bit icky lately and I blame the weather so the only way I could get myself to move and do anything was to clean and do some food prep.

I’ve been all about cutting, slicing and dicing and all that good stuff for my last whole week raw. I’m going to have my last solid food day be Friday since my friend Elizabeth has promised to try Beet’s cafe and Friday is payday.

From there? Juice mania!

I’m aiming for three days but we’ll see how I feel, I might go more 🙂

And then, DUN DUN DUN! We begin the clean!

But this week I think I’ll be partially juicy…in part because I sort of…kind of…juiced all my grapefruits. SO 😀

I also found out that coconut doesn’t juice well. BUT if you blend it up, drizzle a bit of honey, and toss in some chia seeds you can make a nice pudding! NOM!


Today I’ve eaten all the things! In the past few days I’ve actually gained a bit of weight, but that could just be hormones. I’m not worried about it and had a nice off day today which of course lead to me not even getting this tart in the fridge before it was in my belly. Didn’t even bother to cut it up into portions, just bit right down in it. Delicious!

And then…Rox Chox.

And 5 clementines.

All before noon.

I like food.


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  1. fuelingtheresistins
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 14:24:39

    i ate a whole one, too (Rox Chox) today. WAS DELISH.


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