Chick fil a and ninjas

This morning my company moved to their new building and to celebrate they brought in Chick Fil A for brunch.

I have to tell you, I LOVE Chick Fil A. LGBT issues aside (i know, i’m a traitor to my own people) they’re delicious. But they’re also awful for you.

And they’re far from raw.

I stayed strong, in part because of my raw chai protein shake and in part because I was too busy being neurotic Nancy about my new space. I don’t like change!  Trying to get situated and ninja proof my cube is difficult. It’s a very open floor plan and there’s no way I can prevent people from being able to surprise me. and there’s no where to put a mirror but I think I might have to make one…and shelves. Ugh, I hate ninjas. In a past life I think I was a mob boss that got shot at a restaurant when his back wasn’t against a wall. Seriously.

But all that upheaval meant today’s eating at work was not ideal. My nanogreens, broccoli and beet salad got eaten but not much else and that meant by the time I got home I was starving.

Answer? Guacamole! And flax snax for chips, which are delicious. Hindsight says I should have made it with some kale or spinach to make it more complete but hmmm maybe tomorrow

That combined with fruit and rox chox  puts me about 300 cals over my calorie goal for the day.

I’m ok with that. Why? Remember those rules of mine? Thou shalt not freak out about calories.

I could have worked out but when I got home and back into my own space all that stress of mine went away and I realized how exhausted it made me. A two hour nap later and I was like meh…off days are good for you now and then.

SO I painted my nails instead.

Good use of my afternoon if you ask me.



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