Oh temptation

My mind is my worst enemy sometimes, other times it’s the weather, and every so often they co-conspire to make me insane.

Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, you awful siren, you’ve been calling my name all damn day. Bitter cold and windy and dreary and all I can think about is your warm spicy crunch and the delight of animal protein.

Sigh. I combated this craving with avocado but rather unsuccessfully.

I don’t know why I had this sudden and intense craving when, until 2pm (waking at 5) I was quite satisfied with mean green and nanogreens and protein shake along with some sliced tomatoes and bell peppers. I blame the weather, stepping out from the office into a cold and disgusting day.

Pho and spicy chicken sandwiches, they are my response to awful weather. I’m unbelievably grumpy and fatigued and kind of hate this whole damn way of life.

I’ve never gone this long without some kind of meat. In fact, I’ve only had two instances of any animal product since this year began. VEGAN ugh.

Two more weeks til my next fast and I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s simpler.

Kerbey Lane's cinnamon


I’m also looking forward to pancakes. Ok, guys, I will need to have some muthafreaking pancakes, specifically Kerbey Lane’s cinnamon roll pancakes. They’ll be the featured pancake starting Jan 29th and I WILL NEED THEM.

Seriously. Right after the fast, that’s how I’m breaking it. Don’t worry, just one.

And some black beans and avocado.

Or a hippie burger…with mustard.

We’ll see! Right now the thought of being able to have something in time is only thing that is keeping me from driving to a Wendy’s right now and eating all the things!

I was really hoping that this sort of life change would make a bigger impact on my conditions, but so far the improvement has been moderate to low. I’m hoping that’s because I’m still adjusting and in time modifying my diet to be largely raw and very clean will help. I’m hoping that an 80/20 balance can be reached where 80% of the time I am eating to live and live healthy and only 20% am I indulging in things that are experiences not nutrition such as that pancake up there.

I just have to not be lazy. I’ve done very very very little prep lately and have just been noshing on veggies and the like by themselves. I’ve invested very little time in preparing things and making sure things are balanced and I’m getting all I need.

I need to try harder to not take short cuts.


rough day.


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