Today I ate all the things

and I mean ALL THE THINGS. Check this out:
Calories Day

Breakfast: 295
Nano Greens
1 Serving

Milk, Almond, Vanilla Refrigerated
1 Cup

Cherries, Red, Sour, Fresh
2 Cups

Lunch: 347

Salad, Field Greens
2 Cups

2 Cups

1 1/2 Tablespoons

coconut water
25 Fluid ounces

Dinner: 502
Nano Greens
1/2 Serving

Oranges, Clementine
1 Each

Cheese, Cheddar, Extra Sharp, 1″ Cube
2 Each

Apple, Small
1 Each

Banana, Medium, 7″ – 7 7/8″ Long
1 Each

Falafel, Homemade
1 Each

Tomatoes, Fresh, Med
3 Each

Snacks: 335
Super Cookies
9 Pieces

Flax Snax
11 Pieces

Merry’s Miracle Tart- Meyer Lemon
1 1/2 Servings
I don’ t know why, but I’ve been really into nibbling today. I’m not hungry but I just want to taste everything. This is a good thing, I think.

But today was hard. I encountered my first real challenge, free pizza at the office. You see, I love pizza. I love the warmth and the gooey spicy crispy soft symphony of amazing that is pizza!

But, pizza is not raw. So I cannot have it. I can, however, have pizza flax snax, which are delicious but…not pizza.

Oh yes, I am def looking into clean and raw versions of pizza and you better believe that will be one of those indulgy foods in my life. But really today was not so awful. I had a big salad and broccoli with a raw spicy thai sauce from whole foods which was very very tasty.

Still, it was the first time I was really separated socially from eating. I couldn’t have that staple comfort food everyone else in the office was indulging in. I was tempted, but it was fleeting.

But now it’s the weekend! And I’m stoked for some good relaxation and kelp pasta with raw alfredo!

Also ok, the best salad dressing in the world? stone ground mustard and cider vinegar and maybe, just maybe, a shot of liquid aminos or olive oil. Drizzled over a salad it’s awesome. Try it!

I’ve got a lot of energy today, I don’t know why. I’ve been really mellow since I’ve gone this route and I don’t know if it’s the lack of caffeine or something else but I’ve wanted to do some running lately, or hiking, or swimming or something! Could be that it was 75F today! I’m longing for spring.

Maybe it’s all the fresh food, it doesn’t feel like winter when everything I’m eating is so crisp and crunchy and vibrant. Either way, I’m into it.

Tomorrow I’ll also be doing a full measure of myself! So we’ll see how my stats are from starting. I feel thinner, I feel lighter and much more relaxed. It’s a good thing.

I just need to watch the tarts…

…and drink my kombucha


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