How much broccoli can I eat?

A lot.  I’ve rediscovered how much I love broccoli. I mean, I’ve always liked it but the past few years haven’t really indulged in raw broccoli. Of course, now I am! I’ve dipped it, I’ve marinated it, I’ve juiced it! Delicious stuff, and really my favorite is the broccoli stems. They’re sweet and crunchy and juicy and tossing them is an absolute travesty!

Anyway, this was my dinner tonight:

From Raw on $10 a day (or less!)

From Raw on $10 a day (or less!)

Click it! Click that link! It’s delicious. Seriously. And I stuck my thermometer in the pan, stuck it in the oven and made sure it didn’t reach even 100F, still raw! But warm and the mushrooms were tender.

But I also did a bad bad thing. I went to whole foods. So I got a few sauces sure but of COURSE I couldn’t pass up some tarts.

Two, two little tarts. I’ve managed to only eat half of one. Delicious!

Guys, this is kind of an awesome experience and I have to tell you– I’m not hungry. In fact, I’m really full. Which is awesome.

I kind of want to challenge everyone to go raw for a week. Just a week. It’s not that hard, really. But it is expensive at the moment. Organic WHY YOU SO EXPENSIVE?

But seriously, raw on $10 a day…great resource yo.

Also, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, I love you.

Plus, seriously raw alfredo sauce is tastier, richer, thicker, and better for you than conventional. I don’t think I’ll ever make conventional again.

I just wish the hummus had turned out well. It’s edible but 1) it made WAY too much and 2) it’s ok with flax crackers but the texture is just off  and 3) that recipe was too much garlic, I think, and I didn’t even use as much as they called for.

Anyone feeling adventurous? Maybe you’ll like it better, I have a whole tub.



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