Why I shouldn’t be left alone with tarts

Today I’ve not been hungry but I’ve been incredibly delighted to eat ALL THE THINGS. I started the morning with  my mean green juice and a banana, you know, simple and easy. Lunch was also simple, left over raw tzatziki and broccoli and shredded carrots with lemon and pepper and later some Flax Snax (pizza, omg they’re good!)

But then I opened a Rox Chox

So no big deal, I ate a whole bar.

But you see…then I got home and there was a beautiful merry tart


oh hai! you’re my dinner

Look at it…look at it and tell me you wouldn’t eat it all in one bite! It’s cold and creamy and dense and so good. They’re a bit like a key lime pie and a real baked cheesecake had a baby and  that baby was amazing. Initially I cut it into fours, I just wanted a little. But then, then I could hear it calling to me from the fridge. You see, the vanilla coconut might even be tastier than the lemon!

Before I knew it, it was gone and I had the sad.

I’m now out of tarts and it should probably remain that way for the rest of the week. I have little self control when it comes to sweets and I cannot let them become meals…again.

Which, now I must be concerned about because I got my greenling box and in it are dates.

Dates and nuts. The two very most calorie dense things a raw foodie can eat and oh dear they eat them in abundance!

Luckily, I’m starting my homemade nut/seed/bean/thing exploration with chickpeas and some raw hummus! I have to say, initially I think it’s a little coarse and a little grassy but I added a little more olive oil and a bit of salt so hopefully overnight in the fridge things will marry and soften and if not I’ll see that it spends a little more quality time with my ninja. 021

I’m sad that the recipe I was going to use called for boiling water, letting it set for a couple of minutes to cool, and then submerging the chickpeas in it for a minute. They still called this ‘raw’ but…100-95C even for a minute is cooking. Stick your finger in it for a minute and see…

Anyway, I had to sub for another and we’ll see how it all goes.

But I’m glad my sprouting worked so very well! Cute little chickpea tails!


I also got started on an overnight marinade of mushrooms and broccoli to mimic Chinese beef and broccoli from this awesome site I found: Raw On $10 a day (or Less!)

I made a few tweeks to it though, adding some of Bragg’s aminos and using my raw apple cider in place of balsamic (i don’t have any currently 😦 ) so we’ll see how it all comes out. I see a lot of recipes calling for cooking on a dehydrator. Now this is the one creature I don’t have in my kitchen and I’m not sure I want to invest in one. I considered briefly using my oven on ‘warm’ but I don’t know what temperature that actually is. I have a thermometer though so it might be worth a try. Thoughts?

I have to say though, no cravings, no real hunger and mostly just me trying to pick what to eat from my myriad of foods in my house. See my biggest problem is I want to nibble EVERYTHING. That’s a good problem to have but it means my meals are more like extended snack time. I can live with that.

I’ll leave you with my cats trying to steal my piece of tart. They were mesmerized by it



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