Juicy Details- Day Four

Today I dreamed of fried chicken and french fries.

Despite today being the easiest day of the fast so far, with some mean green this morning and chia and nano greens for lunch and Avocado’s number for dinner, I dreamt of fried chicken and fries while taking a nap this afternoon. But in my dream it didn’t taste as good and made me feel sick after. What is my subconscious telling me?

I’m not sure, but what I do know is today I had a lot of pep in my step. However, my throat and tongue are a little over the acids from fruits so I think I’m off pineapple and lemon for a bit. I’m not sure if my throat is from allergies/weather changes (oh cedar i hate you) or from the juicing but Nanogreens are less acidic than my mean green and I’ll be using carrots to sweeten things tomorrow if my throat is still a little tender.

I’ve noticed that my hunger has mostly gone away, which is cool. I’ve also noticed that I’m inexplicably thirsty. I don’t know why or where that’s coming from but I’m treating it the only way I know how: drinking water. It’s funny, when you’re drinking juices you actually need to also have a glass of water nearby, or I do. I liken this to soup. If you go to a restaurant and order soup you still order a tea or soda, just something to break up the flavors and clear you pallet.

I’ve had a few questions at work from people who know I’m doing this fast and the most common one is:

‘Ugh…is that green slime? You’re drinking that? ‘ To which I answer, no it’s fresh juice and it’s pretty delicious. Taste it. If they do the reaction is always the same: ‘Hmm, that’s not bad’ or even ‘Wow, that’s really good’.  For some reason people are more comfortable with the thought of me drinking bright non green juices, until I tell them each one has at least two or three veggies in it. The scariest for people has been beets. But again, they sip and rejoice.

Point being: don’t knock it til you try it and don’t be afraid to try it.

The second question I got and one that I’m sure a lot of people have been secretly wondering is: How is my digestive track handling everything?

Well, TMI coming–  or not…fact is, aside from having to tinkle quite a bit I haven’t had any other changes really. I’m regular, not clock work, but once a day constitutionals, and no stomach cramps or glassiness etc. I don’t even burp. No heartburn, no discomfort, nothing.

Now, would that be true for anyone who attempted this? Maybe not, maybe I’m lucky, but I’ve not had issues 🙂 Thanks for the concern guys!

Third question is: How are you feeling/ how is it going?

Answer? Pretty well. I feel great. Aside from being cold (which omg I am always cold in winter) and being a little sleepy, but no more than usual, I feel great. Pain hasn’t been an issue. I have noticed I’ve been a little tense now and then but I’ve not had pain from it. I’m not sure where that tension is coming from, but a little workout helps. Yoga also really helps.

On to other things!

Last night I ordered from greenling.com for a Wednesday delivery! I’m super excited about this because it also meant I could send my friends a free local box for the new year.

Greenling basketSo this is my basket. I focused on fresh herbs and fruits I was having trouble finding at Whole Foods and of course that raw cheddar. SO excited about that cheddar. You…you have no idea. Since I had a $50 gift card I figured I should use it for a few staples as well and a couple things I’ve never tried before, namely those kale chips. I feel like I should have gotten more cashews since they seem so central to a lot of raw recipes but we’ll see how it plays out. I’d like to try and make the cashew sour cream I made once in a vegan cooking class I took last year with Misha. It wasn’t exactly sour cream but i think with a little fine tuning and some chives it’ll be a good dip for those kale chips!

I’m excited to use that spaghetti squash to make squash spaghetti! Or more specifically, make squash pad thai. Spicy time! It’s coming!

Can’t wait to marinate those mushrooms either!


As much as I love juice, I’m getting excited to eat out. The seventh is my last juice day and then the eight I’ll be having my first dinner out! We’ll be going for some sashimi! Japanese will probably be the easiest type of restaurant to eat out at with friends as I’ll have raw options readily available while everyone else can have whatever they want. No muss, no fuss.

I’m lucky that I live in Austin, though. We have a whole host of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and just about everywhere has at least one raw option. This city is also uncommonly accommodating with food restrictions. I’ve observed a kosher diet for years and have rarely had issues with finding something on a menu anywhere. Even when something isn’t on the menu they’re willing to customize.  It’s kind of awesome. So I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll be able to go out and socialize during this raw experiment. Two places has been suggested to me already:

Whole Foods, the flagship store, has a Living Foods section that specializes in prepared raw foods. This will be very handy because it’s also very close to my work so I can just stop by after work.

and Beets Cafe which specializes in a raw food menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner! The menus looks splendid and I can’t wait to have an ELT or a burger or a pizza or tacos! AHHHH I want it all!

You can bet there will be pictures!

Now, tonight will be dedicated to a nice hot bath Harry Potter!


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  1. Misha
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 10:49:24

    I loved this post! And um, I’m glad you’re regular ❤


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