The juicy details- Day one

Oh puns!

Today has been my first day of fasting and my first day using my new juicer.

Here’s what I’ve had so far


The mean green: kale, cucumber, celery, apples, ginger, and a bit of lemon and ginger


Clementine’s party: guava, golden beets, 1/4 pineapple, carrots, green grapes, bell pepper, pear, clementines, strawberries and a dash of lemon


Green Zest: Broc, spinach, kale, parsley, garlic, onion, jalapeno, bell peppers, tomato, lime

In addition I’ve also had my synergy green chia, a cup of detox yogi tea and water 🙂

So far so good! Don’t worry, my posts won’t always be like this. I’ll be experimenting and will definitely share the recipes that are the best but much of this phase of things will be pretty simple and straight forward.

So how am I feeling?

I’ve actually only had two bouts of hunger. Right before lunch and right before dinner. I consider this a good thing, to be expected. 

I keep telling myself to not worry about calories. Clementine’s Party up there is quite delicious but it’s also 700 calories if you were to eat all of those fruits and veg alone. I’m telling myself a couple of things 1) CALORIES DON’T MATTER RIGHT NOW and 2) I’m likely not getting all those cals because what is left behind in my juicer’s bin is a substantial amount of calories. So RELAX i say!

Along with that, the zesty green made a LOT of juice, enough to be two servings at least and it’s less than 400 calories for it. Because it is spicy I’m drinking it slower too.

This first day, I hope, is the hardest. I’m going back to work tomorrow and the difficulty there will be having a juice for lunch. I’ll be armed with nanogreens and kombucha so hopefully that and making a double mean green batch in the morning will work. That will also mean I’ll have temptations around me. Here at home my biggest temptation is just to eat the fruit I’ve got around which is not nearly as big of a deal as it will be to be confronted with cupcakes or bagels or cookies etc.

Still, I’m motivated and feeling great so far!

I’m honestly now mostly looking forward to the seven days being over so I don’t have to clean the juicer so often. This will be a good reset though, it really really will.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Misha
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 23:17:09

    Great job! The orange one looks great


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