Preparing for the madness

So I’m really getting excited about this challenge I’ve put to myself. So much so that I’ve even been having dreams about it. Good dreams.

I’ve also been informed that my bestie Misha and her husband Tim will be following along with me with a clean diet (something I hope to work up to). Why are they starting off clean? Misha is a diabetic and has been advised to not go raw. Wish them luck too! 😀

This past week has been incredibly full of celebrations! Christmas, my birthday, my friend Lynn’s bachelorette party AND wedding and of course New Years. Strangely, I’ve not really wanted to eat anything in my old diet. I tried having a lean cuisine, couldn’t finish it. I tried making eggs and literally hated how they tasted (i normally love eggs), same with breakfast tacos (a Texan staple).  I enjoyed some Indian food of course, and a steak and some Chinese (on Christmas, because that’s how my family rolls) but not as much as I would have enjoyed it a month ago.

But for my birthday I had sushi and home made cupcakes and a LOT of booze. Seriously, a lot of booze, but not as much as I would have previously have imbibed. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just my subconscious preparing me for what is ahead or perhaps it is that I’ve already started adding in juice whenever I visit my whole foods (which up until today have included a cookie from their bakery too)

Speaking of Whole Foods, I’ve started my shopping for the fast and have been cleaning out my fridge and kitchen. See my progress!!

A new use for my stoveThe toolsThe fridge!

and of course, just in case I feel the need to stray from my commitment, I have a condescending Wonka ready to pounce

Wonka has my back

Speaking of progress, it is time that I bare my soul and all my secrets right now. It’s time for measurements!

lil old me

Hi guys– Notice the tummy? Yeah I know it looks like I’m pregnant. I’m not.

Weight: 150.4 lbs


Upper Arm: 12in/30.5cm

Forearm: 8.5in/21.5cm

Bust: 38in/96.5cm

Chest: 32in/81cm

Thigh: 24in/61cm

Calf: 14in/35.5

Hips: 39in/99cm

Waist:  30.3/77cm

Belly: 38in/96.5cm

Body fat: 26.87

and the most important one:

Blood pressure

Blood pressure

Ideal is 120/80. The above is high, stage one.

And now the rules of my foray into the raw universe:

For the fast:

1) I will be drinking at least one, likely two green juices a day.

2) Nanogreen will be my go-to sipping drink. When possible and depending on taste I’ll be adding it to my fresh juices.

Nano Goodness

3) I will not care about calories. This may sound dumb but it needs to be said for my own sake. If my juice is 800 calories then GOOD yummy! TASTY. This is about medicine, not about weight loss.

4) I will drink my kombucha. Daily.

5) I will indulge in hot tea by Yogi withOUT sweetener.

For the non-fasting fun raw times:

1) I will not be eating anything that has been cooked or traditionally pasteurized. It must be labeled as raw for me to eat it.

2) I’m not going to care about money.  This sounds dumb too, but I’m little miss penny pincher and believe me, throwing away perishable processed foods as really difficult for me. I had to tell myself every time I threw something out: I deserve better. I deserve better. I am worth it.

3) I will allow myself hot herbal tea and sun-brewed cold tea. In part because it’s winter and in part because while they’re not the ideal way to get those herbs and benefits they will be my only heated item.

4) I will allow myself tar tar and sashimi and raw milk and cheese if I can procure it but very sparingly.

5) I will continue my juicing to complement my raw fun!

Now to say farewell to some of my favorite foods, some just for now, others forever. See if you can spot the stuff that I’ll hopefully never eat again:

Bubble teaLiquid crackgoat cheese addiction761 611 926 927 928 963 988 004 019 022 271 291 753 872IMG_1664 IMG_1273 IMG_1187 IMG00192-20100507-1918 13354_180521627400_732137400_3406723_3399374_n

I will see y’all tomorrow with my first day of juice fasting!

Happy New Year!


What is this all about?

It all started with a weigh in.

Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve always been concerned about my weight and concerned with my health and with good reason.

As a kid I went through what we could generously describe as an extended awkward phase complete with acne, expanded waist line and a bust far too big far too soon. I’m still in that awkward phase sometimes.

I have never, ever, been comfortable with my body. Nor has my body been comfortable with me. For years I’ve struggled with CFS/Fibromyalgia and pretty silently. In fact, this will come as news to some of my family that reads this. I’ve also struggled with high blood pressure, stress and anxiety that has been, to say the least, unpleasant.  Oh yeah, and a sun allergy. Yes, I am allergic to UV light. Yes that is a real thing and no while I don’t have to wear one of those space suits to protect myself I do get a pretty nasty hive breakout and painful burn rash if I’m out in the sun for any long period of time.Why the silence? That’s just me. I don’t like to worry people, I don’t like to get advice, and I really don’t like people being ginger with me.

I also don’t like the ‘cure’ of little white pills. While searching for my diagnosis (in the days before Fibro pain killer commercials were spammed across every tv channel) I was put on a myriad of antidepressants, anti-anxiety, antipsychotics, narcotics, etc all with varying results. All of which didn’t make me feel any better. In fact one delightful pill had me breaking furniture.

After years of failed diagnosis and half my blood being drained for still more tests I found a doctor that told me what I had and then told me that I should take powerful pills that would make it difficult for me to function, to drive, to concentrate.

No thank you.

But three years after quitting it all, my life is still pretty painful.

I do yoga, I’m getting regular massage now, but all in all–I’m not healthy.

So this journal here will chronicle my adventures in health.

So back to this weigh in I mentioned:

I work full time as a data analyst for a wonderful local Austin company. Recently our HR department decided to issue us all a weight loss challenge and the prize is some yet to be disclosed mystery Trip. So for the heck of it I decided I’d weigh in and try my hand at losing the 20lbs I’d gained since moving to Austin that wasn’t budging.

But when I stepped onto the scale I wasn’t prepared for:


For perspective, I’m 5’6″ and a size 8…though lately that has been a very very snug size 8.

I haven’t been that close to 160 since my last plump awkward phase, when I topped out at 175.


But I’ve been on a ‘diet’ for the past year, eating only 1200 calories a day on most days, working out and trying to only splurge when I go out. I should be a rail! But instead I’m quite squishy and quite plump and in PAIN! Every day!

Why? 90% of my meals are microwaved diet meals! the other 10% is booze, restaurant food, or packaged ‘healthy’ snacks.

Not a lot of veggies, or fruit, or real meat. In short–not a lot of nutrients. No wonder I’m miserable. I’m fat and starving.

Ok. I. Have. Goals.

Here they are:

-Pain, I want you gone!

-Skin! I want you glowing

-Body fat, you need to be down below the 25% you are now. Ideally around 19%, and along with that will come slimmer size and hopefully lower weight.

-Blood Pressure, down to normal levels.

-I want to be alive, to have energy, to be happy and healthy.

So how am I going to do this?

It’s time for a reboot. The first week will be a juice and herbal tea cleansing and I’m not talking ocean spray, I’m talking fresh liquified greens and a lot of water. Wheat grass genocide.

The next four weeks will be all raw all the time.

After that? Good question. I don’t know, I really don’t. Will I ever eat another Lean Cuisine? It’s possible. Does this mean I’m going vegan? Definitely not. (I’m all for their ethical basis but It’s not for me) but will I be adopting a plant based lifestyle? I do believe so.

I plan on photographing all of my meals and/or capturing my diary and updating daily (ambition! i has it) to keep me honest and motivated.

The first fasting post will be Jan 1st. Until then I’ve got some damage to do with my birthday (the 29th), a friend’s wedding (30th) and New Year’s of course!

That first post will also be a retrospective, illustrating some of my old habits and sending them out in contemptuous style

Wish me luck!